Iraq Shipping

Iraq Shipping

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we continue to appeal to our customers with service quality far beyond expectations in Iraq transportation services, and we continue to ensure your satisfaction with years of knowledge and experience.

Our company, which has long-standing experience in the field of transportation, continues to offer services beyond expectations with the quality services it offers to its customers in the fields of partial transportation, complete load transportation, refrigerated transportation and heavy load transportation.

You can reach our company through our call center contact information to make the most of our Iraq transportation services and to receive service by taking advantage of affordable prices and easy payment options.

Iraq Shipping Prices

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we continue to appeal to our customers with service quality far beyond expectations in Iraq transportation services, and we continue to ensure your satisfaction with years of knowledge and experience.

Our company, which has long-standing experience in the field of transportation, continues to offer services beyond expectations with the quality services it offers to its customers in the fields of partial transportation, complete load transportation, refrigerated transportation and heavy load transportation.

You can reach our company through our call center contact information to make the most of our Iraq transportation services and to receive service by taking advantage of affordable prices and easy payment options.

That’s why we offer our customers the most affordable prices in the industry regarding Iraq transportation prices, ensuring that they find the service they are looking for at an affordable price.

Iraq, located in Western Asia, is one of the neighboring countries of Turkey. Many cargoes with different characteristics are transported between Türkiye and Iraq.

Private transportation companies provide services for cargo transported between countries. Saygınlar Transportation Company is a professional company that carries loads between two countries. Loads are transported via trucks.

Iraq truck transportation prices vary depending on the cargo transported. Prices vary depending on certain features. When determining transportation prices;

  • Characteristics of the cargo carried,
  • Under what conditions the cargo is transported,
  • The number of people responsible for the transportation process,
  • Distance is taken into account.

It is important to determine the correct prices for transportation with trucks. Thanks to the professional team, transportation is carried out in the right price range. Load safety can be ensured by receiving professional service at the right price.

You can reach us by calling the call center contact information to get detailed information about the prices we offer by acting according to the price calculation table.

Istanbul – Baghdad2.600 USD
Istanbul – Zakho2.000 USD
Mersin – Suleymaniye1.600 USD
Izmir – Erbil1.700 USD

Where is Iraq?

Iraq, which was the cradle of ancient civilizations, is a state established in the Mesopotamia region. Iraq is one of the important countries of the Gulf with its strategic location in the Middle East and its oil reserves.

Iraq at one time (before the war) had the world’s third largest oil reserves, after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. After the war with America and the occupation, there were significant decreases in production.

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Iraq Partial Transport

You can get much better solutions than you expect with Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has been serving with long-standing experience in the field of Iraq partial transportation.

Turkey and Iraq have always had good economic relations since the day they were founded. Despite the instability and war in Iraq in the last quarter century, the trade volume between the two countries has always been at high levels.

In Iraq partial transportation services, we deliver the cargo we receive from different regions of Turkey at the promised time.

You will easily achieve the quality results you want to achieve with our company, where we continue to serve you with our experienced personnel in road and customs clearance.

In our Turkey – Iraq partial transportation services, after taking the cargo of our customers from our warehouses in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, Mersin, Gaziantep and Kayseri, we carry out the customs clearance procedures in a controlled manner and reach the destination by moving along the determined routes.

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Iraq Partial Transportation Prices

Our company Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has long experience in its field, is a name that manages to satisfy its customers in terms of prices as well as in terms of trust and dedication.

  • Average transportation prices for Iraq Partial Transportation is 2,700 USD

Our company, which meets the expectations of its customers in the best way regarding Iraq partial transportation prices, determines the price according to the partial load calculation table.

To get detailed information and detailed price list, you can contact our company via the call center contact information.
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How Many Days Does a Truck Take to Iraq?

Our company, where you can achieve much more than your expectations in Iraq partial transportation assurance, continues to work diligently to keep transportation times short and at the same time to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely.

Trucks reach Iraq with an average transit time of 2/3 days. However, due to weather conditions and the region being a “war zone”, disruptions may occur from time to time.

In such cases, we inform our customers in advance.

Iraq Complete Cargo Transportation

The warm relations between Turkey and Iraq significantly affect the increase in exports. We do our best to deliver your cargo, which we receive from various points of Turkey on certain days of the week, safely to its destination.

We prevent our customers from being victimized by doing all the necessary work in advance in order to ensure that the services we offer in the field of Iraq full load transportation are customer satisfaction oriented.

We act with sensitivity in both the maintenance of our vehicles and personnel training in order to offer you much more than you are looking for with our experienced expert staff.

You will get much more than you expect with Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has become a preferred company in Iraq full load transportation.

Iraq Heavy (Lowbed) Transport

The company that carries out Türkiye – Iraq heavy transportation activities is Saygınlar International Transportation Ltd. Ltd. It offers reliable transportation services with its own vehicles.

Exporting companies need heavy transportation for wind sails, construction vehicles, cranes and equipment, and heavy vehicles used in airport projects.

Saygınlar offers solutions to their needs without having to search for Iraqi heavy transportation companies.

Road shipments are mainly made to Iraq, one of Turkey’s southern neighboring countries. Since heavy transportation loads will be covered by professional service, the work to be done must be planned.

Working with a sense of responsibility, Saygınlar Nakliyat is a corporate transportation company that specializes in Iraq lowbed transportation and whose staff is adequately trained and equipped in this regard.

Although transporting non-standard loads may seem difficult for exporting companies, the project transportation solutions we offer are the result of our customer-oriented work.

With the experience we have gained over many years, we have accomplished successful projects in the International Transportation sector with our C2 certificate.

In addition to our heavy transportation services from Istanbul to Middle Eastern countries, we plan to transport our lowbed vehicles to Mersin, Adana, Gebze, Kocaeli and Izmir according to the road conditions. We have the capacity to easily make even difficult crossings such as bridges on the road.

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Road Permit Documents and Procedures for Iraqi Heavy Transport

Our company ensures that the cargo is transported in accordance with the highways in out-of-gauge, project-based transportation.

It develops systems that will facilitate the transportation of vehicles on the determined route, with the road permit documents in accordance with the law, after loading the cargo.

If our lowbed transport vehicle carries a load, we have the permission documents for Turkey ready before loading it. We manage the operational process that will ensure the vehicle is shipped quickly.

Sayginlar International Stone. Tic. Ltd. Difference of Şti. from Other Iraq Transportation Companies

  • Customer-oriented heavy transport service
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
  • Ability to Perform International Transportation with C2 Certificate
  • Vehicle and Trailer Types in the Wide Vehicle Fleet According to Load Characteristics
  • Operations Staff and Drivers Specialized in Heavy Transportation
  • Incorporating the methods developed for Iraqi fast transportation
  • Monitoring the training and development processes of its employees
  • Transportation in accordance with legal conditions

Iraq Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transportation is a service that is frequently provided to the Iraq region because it is close to our country and exports continue uninterrupted.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has long-standing experience in the field of Iraq refrigerated transportation service, directly meets the needs of its customers with its fleet.

We take care to provide service to our customers by complying with the delivery of cargo within the promised time and, more importantly, by being sensitive to official and special issues that need attention.

Responsibility: The transporter is obliged to deliver the refrigerated cargo safely and quickly from the loading point to the destination.

Depending on the method of delivery, the sender and the recipient must have the vehicle ready for loading at the specified time and place. International Transport Company bears responsibility towards the sender and the receiver in the responsibility of Iraq refrigerated transportation. The buyer and the sender are equally responsible to the carrier company for making payments.

Route: TIR crossings are made as determined by the Sender and Receiver and included in the transportation contract. In case the route changes or otherwise, information is sent to the receiver and sender.

While refrigerated transportation is being loaded; The materials specified at the sender’s address in TR are loaded by the sender company into the refrigerated vehicle in the tonnage and amount specified in the transportation contract.

Loading operations are carried out under the supervision of the driver. After the transactions are completed, the cargo documents, invoice, delivery note (international documents if the customer requests) are received by the driver.

The driver is dispatched to the relevant customs. The customs clearance process is completed quickly by the buyer’s follower or consultant. International documents are sent via cargo, captain’s mail and bank, depending on the sender-receiver agreement.

The driver receives the necessary documents and sets off towards the dispatch city of Iraq. Driver Halil İbrahim, who completes the exit procedures at the Habur border gate, completes the import procedures at the Peshmerga Customs.

The delivery address of the cargo: Zakho, Dohuk, Ismaliye, Suleymaniye, Kirkuk will be delivered wherever it is written in the document.

Türkiye Iraq Refrigerated Transport Cargo Types

CITRUS: Citrus products grown in the Mediterranean region are generally shipped to Zakho and Erbil. Transportation is done with plus-degree refrigerated vehicles.

VEGETABLES: Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Zucchini etc. Vegetables such as are demanded from Turkey by the Iraqi people. Most of our road transportation is carried out to Iraq in the Middle East.

FRUIT: Fruits grown carefully in Turkey, such as bananas, apples and pears, are in demand in all regions of Iraq. Since these products turn black in a short time, they must be transported carefully with fast and safe delivery.

FAT AND COOKING OILS: Almost 100% of Iraq’s cooking oil needs are met by Turkey. The business volume between the people of our neighboring country, Iraq, is high due to their closeness to the Turkish people and their commercial ties. Cooking oil needs and solid fats are generally transported by refrigerated and tilt trucks.

CANNED TYPES Saygınlar Transpor ships canned food to Iraq with its refrigerated vehicles. It always makes us proud that Receiver – Sender companies have preferred us due to our reliable deliveries for years.

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Transportation between Türkiye and Iraq

Iraq Transportation Companies

Saygınlar Nakliyat, one of the Iraqi transportation companies, has been maintaining its presence in the sector for a long time. Our company, with its years of knowledge and experience, always aims to perform better work.

Our company, which provides transportation services between Turkey and Iraq, is preferred by customers thanks to its features.

Our company operates with teammates who have team spirit and work in an organized and planned manner. Our fully equipped company provides services on different types of transportation.

Various transportation types such as complete transportation, partial transportation, refrigerated transportation, and heavy load transportation are applied. Our company, which has sufficient vehicles and team, determines the appropriate transportation type for the cargo without any problems.

Iraq Regions We Serve

We deliver from 81 provinces of Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmit, Kocaeli, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Afyon, Konya, Kayseri, Mersin, Adana, Hatay to the Northern and Southern Provinces of Iraq. The main cities we provide service to in Iraq are:

Zakho – Duhok – Erbil – Kalak – Shaqlawa – Soran – Akre – Kirkuk – Sulaymaniyah – Bazian – Dokan – Golden Bridge – Makhmur – Mosul – Sinjar – Mosul Dam – Samawah – Amara- Kut – Hillah – Basra – Najaf – Karbala – Fallujah – Baghdad – Ramadi – Baqubah – Khanaqin – Samarra – Kalar – Baiji

Iraq Road Transport

When we examine the country of Iraq in terms of logistics, we need to look at it as Northern Iraq and Southern Iraq.

While there is currently no problem in active shipments to the Northern Region, road cargo to the South generally proceeds by transferring or delivering the cargo in the trailer to the buyer with foreign plated tractors. Customs affairs are carried out at Halil İbrahim Customs.

Documents Used in Iraq Road Transportation: CMR, English Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Agricultural Certificate for Food Products, SGS and document requirements vary depending on the type of goods. Importers or customs agents (agents) to whom the cargo is delivered sign the CMR Certificate upon receipt.

Iraq Air Transportation

Export cargo sent from Türkiye and other countries are shipped to the central airports of Northern Iraq. Generally, light and expensive products are sent by airmail.

Buyers must have authorized customs officers (muhallis) to withdraw their import cargo from the airports.

Air transportation is completed after buyers pay customs duties, storage, storage and transportation fees and complete customs procedures.

Documents Used in Iraqi Air Transportation: AirWayBill, English Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packing List, SGS, Agricultural Certificate for Food Products are known as documents to be obtained from the Ministry of Health. The list of documents changes depending on the request of the buyer or the cargo.

Iraq Sea Transportation

The majority of the cargo shipped to Southern Iraq is shipped by sea. These loads are heavy tonnage. Container, open cargo ships etc. is sent.

Products such as food and oil are generally sent to the Southern Iraq Region by sea from Turkey. Merchants in Northern Iraq do not prefer sea delivery.

Documents Used in Iraq Sea Transportation: Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packing List, SGS and other requested documents.

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Iraq Transportation Route and Transit Times

We follow the fastest and most reliable route in our transportation between Turkey and Iraq. Sayginlar International Transportation Tic. Ltd. Ltd. has been applying its expertise in transportation in the Middle East for many years in all the lines and countries it operates.

We carry out successful export transportation by accurately calculating the best route and transit times for customer satisfaction.


Loading location>Customs The shortest>routes to the>Iraq gate within>Turkey are Habur Halil İbrahim Customs / Northern Iraq.

For the loads destined for Southern Iraq, we attach our trailers to foreign tractors via Erbil or Kirkuk and send your loads to the delivery address. In transfer loads, we transfer the load on our vehicle to another vehicle.


Transit times for a cargo loaded from Istanbul to Mersin vary for shipments to Iraq. Cargoes shipped from cities close to the Iraqi gate are delivered in a short time.

Minimum Mersin – Zakho transit time: 4-5 days, while the transit time of cities such as Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Mosul is longer.

Saygınlar, which has a quality service network far beyond expectations in the field of international transportation, continues its services in Iraq transportation services by complying with the routes in order to arrive as soon as possible.

Basra Al Kut
Najaf Erbil
Ramadi Sulaymaniyah
Fallujah Baghdad
karbala Kirkuk
Mosul Tikrit
Zaho Iraq

Konya Iraq Transport

Freight departs from Konya, one of Turkey’s important cities, to Iraq. Our company Saygınlar Nakliyat provides services in Konya Iraq transportation works.

Cargoes to be sent from Konya to Iraq must be prepared carefully. The appropriate transportation vehicle is determined for the prepared loads.

The loads are then placed on the transport vehicle and the vehicle sets off when the time comes. For the transportation works carried out;

  • to act in a planned manner,
  • Using time correctly
  • Taking security measures,
  • Completing permits and documents,
  • It is important to deliver the cargo to the address on time.

Our company prepares a plan before each transportation and acts according to this plan. In this way, loss of time and energy is prevented. The transported cargo is delivered to the address without any problems.

Kayseri Iraq Transport

There is direct transportation between Kayseri and Iraq. Different types of transportation are used in Kayseri Iraq transportation operations.

Which type of transportation to use among various transportation types is determined depending on the condition of the cargo.

Refrigerated transport type is used when transporting heat sensitive loads. If the load to be transported is large enough to fill the transportation vehicle, complete transportation is preferred.

If the load is not heavy enough and there is free space in the vehicle, partial transportation is preferred. It is important that certain conditions are met for partial shipping. These conditions:

  • Placing loads belonging to more than one customer into the vehicle
  • Obtaining the approval of cargo owners
  • Moving loads on the same route
  • Having suitable features for carrying loads together

Izmir Iraq Transport

Our company Saygınlar Transportation provides services on Izmir Iraq transportation. Our company, which carries cargo between Izmir and Iraq, acts customer-oriented.

The appropriate vehicle and crew are on their way for the cargo that will depart from Izmir. Once the load is placed on the vehicle, the transportation process begins.

Borders are used when transporting cargo between Izmir and Iraq. In order to carry out the transportation between two countries safely, some permits and documents must be obtained.

Our company assists all customers in this regard and completes the necessary permits and documents. Cargo owners can contact our company in order to progress the process professionally, to avoid problems and to avoid material and moral losses.

Iskenderun Iraq Transport

Iskenderun, one of the important districts of Hatay, sends a large number of transport vehicles to Iraq every year. It also accepts transport vehicles from Iraq.

Saygınlar Transportation family provides services to ensure that Iskenderun Iraq transportation works are carried out under safe conditions. Our company, which provides cargo transportation services, comes to the address and places the load to be transported into the vehicle.

Different types of transportation are used depending on the load characteristics. The appropriate transportation type is also determined for the cargo to depart from Iskenderun.

Thanks to the right type of transportation, cargo owners do not suffer from loss of time or financial loss. At the same time, it provides financial gain and maintains the load structure.

Our professional team carries out special work for each customer. In this way, freight transportation is completed within the scope of quality standards.

Bursa Iraq Transport

A large number of shipments are made between Türkiye and Iraq every year. Cargoes originating from any city in Turkey reach Iraq under special conditions.

Bursa, one of the important cities of Turkey, is among the main cities sending cargo to Iraq. An experienced team serves in Bursa Iraq transportation operations.

Necessary inspections are carried out by our team before the load takes off. Then, action is taken in line with the prepared plan.

You can also get support from the professional team to transport cargo between Bursa and Iraq. Whichever city in Iraq the cargo will be delivered to, our team will serve you accordingly.

Our team, which determines appropriate and accurate prices for each cargo transportation, serves as the reliable name of the sector.

Iraq Erbil Transport

Erbil transportation services are one of the most frequently served regions in our country. Our company, which has long experience, continues to meet the satisfaction of its customers in the best way possible with its success in the field of international transportation.

You can get detailed information about your Iraq Erbil transportation solutions by calling our contact information. You can get the best results by evaluating Iraq Erbil transportation prices and other services we offer.

Greece Iraq Shipping

Greece is a country located in the Southeastern European continent. Freight is transported from the country neighboring Türkiye to Iraq. Turkish borders are used when transporting cargo between Greece and Iraq.

Our company, which provides services in Greece-Iraq transportation operations, carries many loads of different characteristics between the two countries.

Loads are generally transported on trucks. Necessary security measures are taken for the loads carried on the truck.

In order to complete transportation operations between countries in safe conditions, certain permits and documents must be obtained.

Our company starts the transportation process by obtaining all necessary permissions and documents before transportation. In this way, there is no loss of time and no legal obstacles. Transportation work is completed on time and successfully completed.