Germany Shipping

Germany Shipping

As a German transportation company, our services include partial transportation (piece load transportation) regularly:

We offer regular weekly transportation services from 3 locations: Gaziantep – Germany partial service, Kayseri – Germany partial service and Gaziantep – Germany partial service.

We distribute to Western Europe with our vehicles departing from Mersin RORO Ship and arriving at Trieste Port, Italy, on the route our company follows.

We carry your export cargo between Istanbul and Germany and from all regions of Turkey. We carry out your transit and import cargo from Germany professionally.

Although Germany is a Central European country, it is one of the leading countries in Europe in many respects.

It is one of the few countries in the world in many aspects such as industry, human rights, social state phenomenon and national income per capita.

When it comes to Germany, the situation changes even more for Turkey; there is a long-standing alliance between the two countries.

For this reason, the country where the most Turkish people live in Europe is Germany, and commercial activities continue very intensively.

One of the most curious issues in both commercial and individual transportation between Germany and Turkey is Germany transportation prices.

Although transportation prices vary depending on various factors, our company Saygınlar Transportation always helps with quality, fast, safe and affordable solutions.

Germany Shipping Prices

  • ✔️Istanbul loading – 6741 HM Lunteren – Netherlands 4.900€
  • ✔️Mersin loading   8072 PB Nunspeet Netherlands 4.800€
  • ✔️Ankara – 7395 PA Teuge  Netherlands 4.900€
  • ✔️Istanbul – Bristol BS 11 8HT – UK BOX only // 6.800€
  • ✔️Istanbul – D-75031 Eppingen – Germany 4.700€
  • ✔️Istanbul – 90449 Nuremberg -Germany 4.550€
  • ✔️Istanbul – 59229 Ahlen – Germany 4850€
  • ✔️Mersin – Nuremberg – Germany 4.750€
  • ✔️Hatay – München -Germany 4.900€
  • ✔️Ankara – Berlin – Germany 4.600€

Operational Process in Germany Transportation

Myrtle>>Trieste  Highway trailering details

  • If it costs a single trailer, it costs 1395 Euros. If the tractor trailer goes  the daily amount determined by  dfds will be taken into consideration. It is between 1300-1800 Euros.
  • Transit time between Mersin >>and Trieste is 72 hours
  • Free time is 48 hours in Trieste port and 24 hours in Mersin port
  • The distance between Trieste>>and  Frankfurt Germany is 895 km.
  • Tow truck rental fee is 1.35 Euro per km.
  • Trieste  >> Austria >> Germany route is used. Since there is no dozvola  the driver goes in a hop on-hop manner. If the ride is a hop on-hop, the driver is paid 100 Euros. If caught, the penalty is 2000 Euros.
  • In RoRo  if you pay in advance  you get a 10  discount.
  • If more than 100 trailers are serviced at the end of the year  a discountof 25 Euros is given per trailer
  •  It takes 72 hours >>from Yalova port to Trieste.
  • You can enter Germany through Salzburg and Suben gates  If you are traveling via Italy  it is more logical to enter Salzburtan.
  •  If the vehicle has a highway device  it can use the route it wants. Otherwise you can go according to the road ticket called Road Vignette
  •  Trieste  İtalya  >>  Avusturya  Villak arası  200 km
  • Austria>Salzburg>200 km
  • Salzburg>to>Frankfurt is 540 km

Türkiye Germany TIR Transport Prices

✔️ Istanbul – Cologne 4100 Euro
✔️ Ankara – Frankfurt 4700 Euro
✔️ Mersin-Berlin 4900 Euro
✔️ Gaziantep – Hamburg 5000 Euro
✔️ Izmir – Bremen 4800 Euro

Türkiye Germany TIR transportation prices vary. At this point, the main factors affecting truck transportation prices are:

  • The distance between the place where your cargo will be received and the place where it will be delivered is the most important indicator in pricing. The fact that both Turkey and Germany have a wide geography affects the distance our trucks will travel even within the countries, so the price increases as the distance increases.
  • The type of transportation is another variable. As a company, we are active in various types of transportation such as partial transportation, refrigerated transportation, and heavy cargo transportation between two countries. Since different equipment and technical details come into play in each type of transportation, prices may also change.
  • The type, weight and width of your loads affect truck shipping prices.

Germany Shipping Time

Germany and Türkiye are not bordering states. For this reason, when providing transportation services between two countries, vehicles must pass through more than one country.

The arrival of a truck in Germany may vary depending on distance, road conditions, customs density and weather conditions. For other types of transportation, except partial transportation, we can load and set off directly from the point where the cargo is located.

For this reason, the distance traveled by trucks leaving Edirne and Gaziantep will not be the same.

Our company provides the fastest Germany Shipping service with its new generation, well-maintained vehicles and expert staff, and manages to deliver within a maximum of 6 days.

You can find cubic meter calculations here.

Germany Turkey truck shipping prices

Germany Customs Warehousing

You can get support from our company regarding the storage service, domestic transportation price (freight) for export products from Turkey, import tax in Germany or all European countries.

We serve Europe with Roro transportation and express transportation by road from Mersin and Pendik.

  • Average transit time is 5/6 days.
  • The maximum consumption limit is 22,000 kg.

Germany Shipping Provinces

Freight from many different sectors is transported from Turkey to Germany. Most of all, there is a need to transport loads such as machine parts, ready-made clothing products, iron, fresh vegetables, fruits and refrigeration equipment.

Our company can accept cargo from all provinces of Turkey to Romania.

Germany’s shipping provinces and almost all cities of Germany. Our Main Shipping Cities are as follows;

  • Hamburg
  • Dresden,
  • Münih
  • Bavyera,
  • Hannover,
  • Köln,
  • Nürnberg
  • Frankfurt
  • Hessen
  • Duisbur
  • Stuttgart,
  • Baden
  • Württemberg
  • Bochum
  • Düsseldorf
  • Wuppertal
  • Leipzig
  • Saksonya
  • Bonn
  • Dortmund
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Bielefeld
  • Essen
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Münster
  • Berlin
  • Bremen is the city where we distribute the most.

Our company always makes a difference with its professional solutions and door-to-door Germany transportation services.

Türkiye – Germany Distances by Region

The average distances calculated for Istanbul loadings are as follows

  • Cologne 2500 Kilometers
  • Hamburg 3000 Kilometers
  • Frankfurt 2300 Kilometers
  • Berlin 2800 Kilometers
  • Hannover 2850 Kilometers

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Türkiye Germany Arrival Route

It is very easy to travel between Türkiye and Germany. The reason for this is that more than one route can be preferred as the Türkiye-Germany arrival route.

It is possible to travel directly between the two countries by road, and the Turkey-Germany routes that can be preferred at this point are:

  • Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Republic of Slovenia, Austria, Germany.
  • Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Hungarian People’s Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany.
  • Bulgaria, Romania, Hungarian People’s Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany.
  • Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany. Our customers can decide which route their vehicles will prefer to travel from Turkey. Our company always aims to choose the most suitable route and reach the final delivery points in the fastest and safest way.

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Germany truck shipping prices

Germany Partial Transport

You have a load and You carry out the customs clearance in Germany as a partial package Do you want to send? We deliver your groupage cargo safely between Turkey and Germany with our CMR Insured vehicles.

We are the right logistics solution partner for export companies and import and export companies in Germany. Saygınlar Transportation, which has always been the brand of legal transportation; It delivers your cargo to its destination in the shortest time possible.

Holding all necessary competency documents Saygınlar Transportation; It has CMR Insurance assurance, ISO 9001 Certificate, Trademark Registration, IRU System assurance, Global Guarantee, C2 Authorization Certificate.

Apart from all authorization documents that have become mandatory by the Ministry of Transport, we are increasing the number of our documents day by day, giving importance to quality and customer satisfaction.

We are honored to always do the best for our customers and In addition to our partial service to Germany we always provide regular partial services to Western countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England.

We transport cargo that complies with Turkey’s export and Germany’s import laws, except for Imo, Imco and un numbered cargo, from Turkey to Germany with short transit times.

We offer transportation service between Turkey and Germany in accordance with our vehicle plans by calculating the width x length x height and unit number and tonnage of your cargo.

The biggest advantage of our partial freight transportation service is the low price advantage. Instead of renting a complete TIR, reserve your place now by making a reservation for our partial vehicle and have your cargo delivered to Germany.

Our Regular Germany Partial vehicles depart from Gaziantep, Mersin and Kayseri every week.

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Germany transport times

Germany Refrigerated Transport

Transportation is of great importance in our commercial relations with Germany, which has a deep-rooted history and has the largest economy among European countries. As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been continuing our international transportation activities for years and we put our signature on success in each of them.

The majority of the cargo sent between Türkiye and Germany consists of food materials. Ice cream, beverages, fresh fruits-vegetables, meat-meat products, milk-dairy products, desserts, frozen foods, plants, chemical products and medical drugs are among the most frequently shipped products in Germany refrigerated transportation services.

These products must be stored at plus or minus degrees and delivered to the address. As Saygınlar Logistics company, we transport your products in our high quality refrigerated vehicles.

We provide our Germany refrigerated transportation services in accordance with ISO 9001 quality. Thus, all official documents, customs entries and transportation activities are carried out at a level that meets customer demand.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have worked with expert drivers in their fields for years and have carried out our transportation activities with our high model vehicle fleet.

Some products, especially food products, need to be transported at plus or minus degrees. We also take the necessary care in our refrigerated cases and deliver your products safely to the address. You can call our company to get comprehensive information.

We ensure that the loaded goods remain at a certain constant temperature during transportation until they reach the buyer. Transportation is carried out with the help of refrigerated trailers and we use non-standard materials.

  • In road refrigerated transportation from Ankara to Germany, when 4,800 euros of refrigeration is used, +500 euros are added to the freight.
  • Germany>Istanbul refrigerated – ADR vehicle freight truck price is 3,000 euros.
  • In Germany, we mostly transport to the third countries: IRAQ / IRAN / AZERBAIJAN / KAZAKHSTAN / UZBEKISTAN.
  • In Germany, we mostly use Suben customs.  The importer pays the tax and does not pay 20% tax, which varies depending on the type of goods.
  • We deliver addresses by road with a transit time of 4/5 days.

Türkiye-Germany refrigerated transportation services take an average of 5-7 days. This situation changes the traffic road conditions, weather conditions and the nature of the product to be sent.

 transportation from turkey to germany

Our Germany Transit Transportations

Just as we carry out partial and complete transportation of imports from Germany to Turkey, we also deliver the cargo we loaded from Germany in transit to the Middle East Countries with the same care.

We carry out locally based transit transportation with years of experience in Germany transportation service.

  • From Germany – Kuwait
  • From Germany – Qatar
  • From Germany – Saudi Arabia
  • From Germany – Syria
  • From Germany – Iraq
  • From Germany – Jordan
  • From Germany – Lebanon
  • From Germany – Uzbekistan
  • From Germany – Turkmenistan
  • From Germany – Dubai

Regular transit to the regions listed above 3. We offer direct or indirect service for country transportation.

The distance between Germany and Türkiye is quite long. Since the two countries do not have borders, transportation is provided by passing through many countries.

When we transport between two countries by road, our vehicles can use two different routes. In the first of these, it passes from Bulgaria to Serbia, from there to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and then to Germany.

On the second route, you leave Bulgaria and continue through Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Germany transit transportation times vary between 7-9 days by road and 2-3 days by air. As a company, we provide the following main advantages:

  • Large vehicle fleet,
  • Experienced, trained expert staff,
  • Nearly a quarter century of experience,
  • The most modern equipment,
  • 24/7 customer service support line,
  • Affordable price, quality service policy…

Where is Germany?

Germany is located in the very heart of Europe. On world maps, you can usually see Germany in the middle, surrounded by neighboring countries.

There are the North and Baltic Seas in the north of Germany, and the Alps in the south. Compared to Türkiye, Germany is half the size of Turkey.


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refrigerated shipping to germany

Germany Heavy Transport

The richness of trade between Germany and Turkey sometimes causes loads that cannot be transported by standard transportation.

For this reason, as Saygınlar Nakliyat, we provide heavy transportation services in Germany. We transport your loads that are beyond standard dimensions and need to be transported from Turkey to Germany as soon as possible with special equipment and vehicles.

The details of our Germany heavy transport applications are more than others. Our service is not just about transporting your cargo from one place to another.

Storage, assembly, insurance and other supports can also be provided in line with customer demands.

Service details are shaped entirely according to customer demands and needs, and applications with the highest level of satisfaction are always carried out successfully.

The selection of the company that will provide heavy transportation services should be made very carefully. The vehicles and equipment used in standard transportation are not sufficient for heavy transportation.

Our company has been providing heavy transportation services between countries for years and is knowledgeable about the procedures for Germany.

Our expert team can perform road analyzes accurately and works in the field with the best tools and professional teams. Thus, your heavy loads are successfully delivered from the loading point to the final recipient.

Germany Transport Companies

Cargo owners who want to send cargo from Turkey to Germany are careful to contact the right transportation company.

Our company, which is among the transportation companies in Germany, is the leading and reliable name in the sector. Many cargoes with different characteristics are transported between the two countries.

We provide services to ensure cargo safety, avoid loss of time, and transport cargo at the right price. The main reasons why you choose our company to transport cargo between two countries:

  • We have years of knowledge and experience.
  • We act customer oriented.
  • We have sufficient equipment.
  • We provide suitable transportation conditions for loads with different characteristics.
  • We provide transportation services with a professional team.
  • We prevent loss of time.
  • We pick up the loads from the address and deliver them to the delivery point without any problems.
  • We provide service in the right and budget-friendly price range.

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Germany-Iraq shipping

Germany Sea Freight

Sea transportation is one of the oldest types of transportation in the world. The reason for this is that sea transportation is more affordable than other transportation.

Since many loads can be transported at the same time by ships, logistics costs are significantly reduced, and in this respect, maritime transportation is preferred.

Another factor why sea transportation is preferred is that more cargo can be transported at once.

With Ro-Ro, you can load weights that trucks cannot load at once, and you can carry heavier loads successfully.

However, in order to use sea transportation, the places where delivery and loading will take place must be on the seashore. In this respect, Turkey is a country with ports and surrounded by seas on three sides.

Germany also has a coastline. However, while Türkiye is to the east of Germany, the sea is to the west and north. For this reason, direct German sea Shipping is not preferred.

Ships departing from Turkish ports can reach Italy, and from there they must go into Germany again by road vehicles.

As a company, we always act customer-oriented and offer the fastest and safest transportation solutions, taking into account the needs and preferences of our customers.

Germany Air Freight

Germany is a Central European country and in many ways one of the locomotive countries of Europe. It is also the country hosting the largest Turkish population. Since bilateral relations between Turkey and Germany date back to ancient times, commercial relations are also quite intense.

The most basic need of companies trading between Germany and Turkey is transportation, and different transportation methods are used for this. One of these is the Germany air transportation method.

Air transportation can be preferred in the logistics industry due to its various advantages.

Although it is not the most preferred type of transportation, airlines can be used to transport highly sensitive products, products that need to be transported in a shorter time, and high value products.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been transporting cargo to Germany since the early 2000s.

We can use airlines as well as other ways, and we provide the easiest solution to your needs.

With our large vehicle fleet and expert staff, we can choose Germany Air Transport combined with road transport. Even though the density is between Istanbul and Munich, we can pick up and deliver loads from all cities.

Germany Population, Religion and Geographical Location

Germany’s population, religion and geographical location are wondered. Germany is a country located in the heart of Europe.

Germany, which is almost half the size of Turkey, has the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in its north and the Alps in its south. The country, whose capital is Berlin, is a federal parliamentary republic.

According to the calculation made in 2020, the country’s population was recorded as 83.24 million. There was no change in the population in 2021. While 50% of the country defines itself as Christian, the official religion is Christianity.

The majority of the country’s population believes in God. Since there is freedom of religion in the country, every individual can believe in any religion they want. Located in Central Europe, the country’s neighbors are Denmark, Poland, Austria, France and the Czech Republic.