Dubai Transportation

Dubai Transportation

What is Dubai transportation and how is it done? You are in the place where the question finds the best answer. Saygınlar Transport, Dubai transportation companies information with assurance. CMR Insured Self-owned vehicle

We offer alternative route option Dubai transportation service over Saudi Arabia and Iran by road with our filomuz. We are a corporate Middle East and Turkic Republic transporter that you will feel privileged every time you receive service.

We have all the competence on a corporate basis such as our ISO 9001 Certificate, C2 Certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate. If you are looking for a professionally working International Transportation Company, Saygınlar Nakliyat is always your right address.

Dubai; It is a city located in the UAE Country. Dubai transportation refers to transportation in Dubai from domestic and abroad. Saygınlar Transport; has been an expert company in Dubai transportation for many years.

Sayginlar International Transportation Tic. Ltd. Ltd. We provide road, maritime, airway export, import and transit transportation services with a team of experts and a strong infrastructure in shipping to Dubai for many years.

We make regular truck shipments institutionally with our RORO services in road transportation. We produce alternatives for the needs of exporters in Dubai transportation by road, sea, and air.

  • Dubai Partial Transportation (Air, Sea)
  • Dubai Project Transportation (Road, Air, Sea)
  • Dubai Heavy Transportation (Road, Sea and Air)
  • Dubai Complete Dry Freight Transportation: (Road, Sea)

Road Transport Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important commercial centers of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai, which is the center of the United Arab Emirates, has recently made great progress as a tourist destination.

All these have led to the development of commercial activities and logistics applications between Dubai and Turkey.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been serving between the two countries since the early 2000s and we are the most preferred and most recommended transportation company in the Dubai road transportation sector.

With our large fleet of vehicles and expert staff, we provide consultancy at every stage from preparation to loading, from storage to customs clearance of the cargoes you will send to Dubai, and we help a smooth, fast and safe transportation process until the final recipient.

We successfully meet all kinds of needs by providing services with multiple types of transportation between the two countries, and we carry out the most appropriate planning according to the time and nature of the operation by transporting on alternative routes.

We offer budget-friendly solutions in order to always provide quality at the most affordable price, and we ensure that you experience the most modern logistics experience by always renewing ourselves.

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Dubai Transportation Prices


Dubai transportation prices vary according to the operation. Once we know where your cargo is, where it will be delivered, its number, volume, weight, type, when it should be delivered, and which way you want it to be transported, we will offer you a clear price offer.

In addition, the type of transportation varies according to the type of your goods, and special equipment such as frigo transportation is required for your loads that need to be transported with cold chain. All these also cause changes in prices.

  • Turkey / istanbul dubai > sharjah freight cost in Turkey / istanbul dubai / sharjah exports 8.800usd we go directly without transshipment.
  • 6.700usd if Iran / Bazargan is transshipped
  • If frigo, +1.000usd is added to the freight.
  • Average transit time / arrival is 8-10 days.
  • Dubai Turkey freight cost truck prices>4.500usd.

Saygınlar, which actively uses RORO service in transportation by road, is a corporate company that has adopted the principle of reasonable price policy for its customers in Dubai transportation freight.

There is a price difference in road transportation to Jebel Ali Freezone region. Since Freezone is a Free Zone, it is classified as a 3rd country class. For this reason, some free zones in the Middle East apply different transportation prices.

Dubai Sea Transportation

Although there are different routes and ways of transportation to Dubai, the most preferred is ship transportation. In our Dubai ship transportation applications, our loading point is Iskenderun Port of Hatay.

From here, our vehicles are shipped to Dubai by RORO.

Our vehicles leaving Iskenderun Port reach the Duba Port port of Saudi Arabia via the Suez Canal, where customs clearance procedures begin.

Then our vehicles are shipped to Dubai. Transportation by sea is not only economical but also fast, and our transportation processes are successfully completed between 8-9 days on average.

Dubai Container Prices

You can get professional support from our company regardless of the amount or weight of your cargo you will send to Dubai.

With our Dubai container transportation applications, we receive your cargo from the port, from the place or in our warehouses.

  • Mersin>dubai container freight 2.400usd
  • If reefer container +1.000usd is added to the freight.
  • Transit time : 25 days
  • Information must be given at least 7 days before shipment.

Depending on the type of your cargo, we use refrigerated systems if necessary, and we manage to deliver it at a constant temperature from the first loading point to the final recipient.

For your partial loads, we make pricing according to the space your goods occupy in containers, and we make great efforts to meet your logistics needs in a safe, high quality and economical way. We are always on the road with the most modern technologies.

Those who want to send goods to Dubai naturally need to make a budget calculation and therefore Dubai container prices are curious.

There are various factors that determine prices in the field of international logistics. Therefore, each operation is priced according to the factors that affect prices

Our company calculates Dubai container prices according to the following details:

  • The distance between the addresses where the product will be picked up and delivered,
  • According to whether the product will be transported by road, sea or air,
  • Number of products,
  • Weight of the product,
  • How many countries the product will pass through,
  • The type of transportation of the product.

Dubai Ports

  • Abu Al Bukhoosh.
  • Abu Dhabi.
  • Ahmed Bin Rashid Port.
  • Ajman.
  • Al Dhafra.
  • Arzanah Island.
  • Das Island.
  • Dibba

Dubai Partial Transportation

Dubai ile Türkiye arasında çok fazla sektörde ticari ilişkiler devam etmektedir. Many of our customers do not have enough cargo to fill a whole vehicle every time, so there is a need for partial cargo transportation.

With our Dubai partial transportation application, we collect your partial cargoes from all provinces of Turkey to our warehouses, depart from our warehouses on certain days of the week and move towards the final buyer in Dubai.

In this way, we help you to send your cargo to Dubai regardless of the amount, weight and volume of your cargo.

Since we load the loads that will go to the same route into the same container, there is cost sharing and you get the opportunity to transport your loads much more economically.

If you do not have cargoes that need to be sent very urgently, you can get more economical service without wasting too much time with partial transportation.

In our Dubai maritime partial services, we deliver from our warehouse with port – port delivery, port – customs clearance completed.

You can request professional transportation service from us with our wide agency network around the world. Dubai is the rising value of the Middle East with its rapidly developing economy and architectural structure.

In our Dubai partial services, we carry export cargoes quickly between Turkey and Dubai.

Saygınlar; acts with the awareness of how valuable your commercial cargoes are and delivers your cargoes to the point where they need to reach as soon as possible.

Weekly Partial Service to Dubai

We open partial consoles to Dubai on a weekly basis by renting containers with strong shipowners with whom we have agreements. Our direct and connecting services vary according to the weekly schedule and your cargoes are safely delivered from Ambarlı / Istanbul Port to Dubai Port.

Dubai Routes and Transit Times

Turkey – Dubai export transportation road and route conditions are as follows: Loading City – Iskenderun Port (Hatay RORO) – Egypt Suez Canal – Duba Port (Saudi Arabia Port) customs clearance procedures are transited at this point and the vehicle is shipped to Dubai.

Transit times are on the normal route, that is, when the RO-RO ship goes over the Suez Canal, the average delivery time is 8-9 days. Note that only normal conditions as delivery are seen as valid transit time.

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Dubai Frigo Shipping

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems among the companies working frigo to Dubai, CMR insured transportation in Turkey with the justified pride of being the first in Dubai frigo transportation.

We offer reefer transportation service in order to realize frigo transportation at international standards by keeping trust and confidence in our customers among our first goals.

Within the services provided by our company, we show how valuable our customers are to us with our services such as safe shipment of cargo with reliable routes, daily vehicle location reporting, regular maintenance and cleaning of vehicles, compliance with shipment dates in order to show that our customers are valuable.

We have managed to be among the leading companies in our sector with the frigo transportation service we have been offering to Dubai for years.

We have specialized and gained experience for years on Dubai frigo transportation, which is difficult and requires more speed and security elements than normal transportation. We carry out transportation with our experience accumulation from past years.

The Dubai route is as follows: The loading point is the place determined for loading in Turkey, sending the vehicle to the export customs, export procedures and ordinary truck exit procedures after the customs procedures are completed,

Loading the vehicle on the Iskenderun RORO Ship – Our RORO Ships pass through the Suez Canal in Egypt as transit, unloading the vehicles from the RORO Ship in Duba Port Saudi Arabia – The transit procedures between Duba Port Customs are not completed – Dubai frigo transportation is completed by following the route of navigation to Dubai and unloading in Dubai.

Cargoes We Carry in Dubai Frigo Transportation

  • Fresh and Shocked Fish
  • Meat and Meat Products
  • Chocolate, Confectionery
  • Ice cream
  • Flower
  • Sapling
  • Plant
  • Turkish Delight
  • Cream, cake
  • Canned
  • Dairy Products (Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, Kashkaval Cheese, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese)
  • All foodstuffs eligible for export

Dubai Turkey Transportation

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we produce completely need-oriented solutions in the field of Dubai Turkey transportation. For this reason, we provide services in many types of transportation with our large vehicle fleet, strong infrastructure and expert staff.

You can choose according to the type, weight or dimensions of your cargo, and you can be sure that you will encounter Saygınlar professionalism in all of them.

You can transport your partial loads with partial transportation; you can transport your non-standard loads with heavy transportation; you can transport your loads that need to be transported with cold chain with frigo transportation.

You can also get project transportation and complete dry cargo transportation support. Our staff share every detail with you, from how the process will work to when the final recipient will be reached, and you can follow the whole process with regular location notifications.

All your cargo from Turkey to Dubai is transported safely with CMR Insurance.

Saygınlar Nakliyat Dubai Transportation Service Advantages

  • Special TIR Services
  • Safe Road Routes
  • Comfort of Working with Expert Staff
  • Cargo Assurance of Self-Owned Vehicles with CMR Insurance
  • Continuous Vehicle Tracking of Operation Team
  • Regular Vehicle Location Notifications
  • Correct Management of Documents
  • Easy Transportation Service with Staging Processes
  • Our Technology-Oriented Tools and Equipment