Belarus Transportation

Belarus Transportation

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which acts on the axis of unlimited customer satisfaction in Belarus transportation services, offers regular export services from Istanbul warehouses on certain days of the week.

Belarus, also known as “Belarus”, is one of the European countries. Bilateral country agreements and trade relations, while continuing in the middle segment continues to regularly export operations from Turkey.

Belarus transportation services are mostly carried out in the form of transportation from Turkey to Belarus. This is due to the fact that Belarus’s production-based policies are not very developed, geographical conditions and the climate of the country.

We continue to meet the expectations in the best way with our company that we offer transportation services from Turkey to Belarus on certain days of the week from our warehouses in Istanbul.

Belarus Partial Transportation

Partial transportation, one of the most important pillars of the transportation sector, is one of the types of services that require attention and care.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has managed to become one of the reference determinant names of the sector with its successful performance in the sector, meets the expectations in the best way in Belarus partial transportation services.

With its 25 years of experience, our company manages to satisfy its customers in terms of both prices and service quality, while making a name for itself with the quality services it offers.

Located in the center of Eurasia, in Eastern Europe, Belarus is 2,352.8 km from Turkey. is located at a distance. Our company, which commits to its customers by considering the transit transportation time, aims to reach the destination within the committed time

Although the transportation time is extended in case of weather and road opposition, the average transportation time is determined as 3/4 days.

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Frigo Shipping to Belarus

We continue to offer our customers the best quality services at the most affordable prices by leaving behind the experience and experience of a long time in the field of Belarus refrigerated transportation services.

Our company, which we offer refrigerated transportation services to Belarus via Ukraine, has Transport CO. In our shipments, it provides fast and reliable transportation of cargoes with refrigerated trucks in accordance with European standards.

Frigo transportation services are a service that requires as much attention as partial transportation. The most important factor in the transportation category, also called cold chain transportation, is the equipment of the vehicles.

Saygınlar Nakliyat is a name that offers Belarus frigo transportation service with its own goods vehicles and prevents any disruptions by performing the necessary maintenance and repairs of the vehicles beforehand.

Our company, which acts with the principle of unlimited quality in service and combines 25 years of experience with business life, is a name that you can get much more than you are looking for in Belarus refrigerated transportation services.

Our company, which provides services from Antalya, Mersin, Hatay, Adana, Manisa cities by road with our refrigerated refrigerated vehicles from Zonguldak or Istanbul / Haydarpaşa port with roro service 3 days a week, continues its services with the justified pride of finishing the work of its customers on time with 3 days transit times.

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to provide the best service with its experienced expert team and special fleet created for frigo transportation. Our route on the highway, Kapıkule, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus.

We take all the necessary security measures in advance to ensure that the cargoes are delivered to the transportation point at the promised time and the operation process is completed reliably.

We continue to do all the necessary work for you to find much more than you are looking for with our company, which we promise to deliver the work of our customers safely by providing services to many points of Belarus. Belarus frigo transportation routes are as follows;

Baranavicy Bjaroza Hrodna
Dobrus Homel Kalinkavicy
Svetlahorsk Asipovicy Horki
Mahiléu Salihorsk Braslau
Haradok Hlybokae Navapolack

Information about Belarus “Belarus”

It is located in Northern Europe. Its capital is Minsk. Its neighbors are Poland to the west, Lithuania to the northwest, Latvia to the north, the Russian Federation to the east and Ukraine to the south.

Belarus has been the closest to the Moscow government among the other CIS countries. Having declared its independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Belarus gradually began to adapt to the world and eventually established itself in the liberal world. Belarus is the only country in Europe that imposes the death penalty.

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Belarus Transport Routes

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which provides privileged services in our services based on customer satisfaction, prefers the Bulgaria route in road transportation and the Ukraine route from Zonguldak or Haydarpaşa port in roro transportation.

Our routes, which may change in partial transportation services, have been determined by our company in advance. However, we can also use different routes according to the demand of our customers. Belarus transportation routes are as follows;

Baranavicy Bjaroza Davyd-Haradok Luninec
Hrodna Lida Navahrudak Slonim
Dobrus Homel Hojniki Kalinkavicy
Mazyr Asipovicy Byhau Klimavicy
Krycau Mahiléu Barysau Hlybokae

Where is Belarus?

Belarus (Belarus) is located in Eastern Europe, in the center of Eurasia. Its neighboring countries are Russia in the northeast, Lithuania and Latvia in the northwest, Ukraine in the south and Poland in the southwest. In terms of size, Belarus is the 83rd largest country in the world. country in the world. The country’s surface area is 207,600 km².

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Transportation between Turkey and Belarus

Turkey Belarus Transportation

Belarus, one of the countries where exports are made in the middle segment, is a country where less transportation transfers are made compared to other countries due to its geographical structure and the lack of development of production-based policies.

The privileges we offer in Belarus transportation services affect us to be one of the most preferred names in the sector. Thanks to the sensitivity and customer experience we show in transportation services between Turkey and Belarus, we have managed to become one of the reference determinants of the sector.

Belarus Transportation Companies

Transportation companies are quite numerous in our country. However, it is wrong to expect that every company can meet your expectations.

Saygınlar Nakliyat consists of a staff that has a good knowledge of the road route, customs clearance procedures and fine information about transportation with its expert staff.

Because of the services we offer, we are highly preferred in the sector, Turkey is one of the most preferred names among the Belarusian transportation companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Belarus Transportation

Türkiye’den Belarus’a transit süresi kaç gündür?

Hava ve yol muhalefetine bağlı olarak transit sürelerinde değişiklikler oluşabilse de ortalama nakliye süresi 4-5 gün olarak belirlenmektedir.

Belarus nakliye hizmeti nasıl alabilirim?

Saygınlar nakliyat, müşterilerine daha hızlı ve kaliteli dönüş yapabilmek için Whatsapp iletişim ve mail iletişim bilgilerini tercih etmektedir. Hizmet almak için bu ağlarımızdan yararlanabilirsiniz.

Belarus’a nakliye yapan firmalar hangileridir?

Çok sayıda Belarus nakliye hizmeti sunan firma bulunmaktadır. Saygınlar Nakliyat, 25 yıllık deneyimi ve uygun fiyat politikası ile diğer firmalardan ayrılmayı başarmaktadır.