Azerbaijan Transportation

Azerbaijan Transportation

Turkey – Azerbaijan freight transportation between Turkey and Azerbaijan, our company brings complete, partial and project transportation service to your feet.

Our company, which has been providing services in transportation to the Middle East and Turkic Republics since 2001, offers complete cargo transportation services from our industrialized cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Manisa, Izmit, Konya, Kayseri, Antalya, Mersin, Hatay.

Azerbaijan Transportation Prices

Turkey Azerbaijan transportation prices vary according to various factors. For this reason, it is impossible to always offer the same service by setting a fixed price. The main factor in determining the transportation prices between the two countries is the distance.

  • Truck prices for delivery from Istanbul or Mersin to Azerbaijan / Baku current spot figures 3.600 USD export. Max. 22 tons of ration.
  • Extra if flammable or weighbridge charges are incurred.
  • Scale fine 80 USD with receipt.
  • If it is flammable, it varies as 80 USD / 160 USD / 320 USD depending on the condition of the load.
  • Transit-laden vehicles coming from a third country incur an extra cost of 650 USD.
  • You can base the freight cost between 1.750 and 1.800 USD for Azerbaijan loading Istanbul delivery.
  • 22.000 kgs. Max. It will be loaded.
  • In Turkey, sometimes 100 USD is added to the freight if there is a medical analysis. (chemist, analysis, etc.) Transit time 4/5 days.
  • Average 600km in Georgia. Building a road
  • In Turkey, Sarp or Aktas gates are preferred as exit gates.

The distance between the point where the cargo will be picked up and the point where it will be delivered is calculated and used in price determination. As the distance increases, the distance to be traveled by our vehicles, the fuel to be consumed, personnel expenses, etc. will increase, so the prices will increase.

✔️İstanbul – Baku3.200 USD
✔️İzmir – Baku3.300 USD
✔️Ankara – Baku3.000 USD
✔️Mersin – Baku3.200 USD

Azerbaijan Ambar

Our company, Saygınlar Nakliyat, which continues to work in a quality manner with its equipped vehicle fleet and staff who know their job, continues to satisfy its customers with its Azerbaijan warehouse transportation service.

We care very much that our customers are satisfied with our services. We strive to do our best to ensure that they leave our services completely satisfied.

We take all necessary measures to prevent any problems during our transportation services.

In case you have a problem, we are always with you and we eliminate your victimization as soon as possible.

We ensure that you always leave our services happily by compensating your damage materially and morally by our company.

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azerbaijan partial transportation

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Azerbaijan Transport Aircraft

Our company, which provides modern, high quality and solution-oriented service, has made a name for itself by providing Azerbaijan transportation aircraft service.

We deliver your cargo to many points in Azerbaijan as soon as possible and without any problems. We eliminate your concerns by informing you instantly during our services.

You can also call our call center at any time to get information about the latest status of your cargo.

We also strictly observe the rules of confidentiality during our services. We always keep the personal information you share with us confidential and never share it with third parties.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we always serve our customers in a solution-oriented manner. We always prioritize satisfaction by offering alternatives suitable for expectations.

Where is Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the South Caucasus, bordering the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the south.

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Azerbaijan Transportation Provinces

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we deliver your cargo that we have received from Turkey to many points of Azerbaijan smoothly and in the shortest time.

Azerbaijan transportation provinces we serve are as follows:

  • Agcabedi
  • Hırdalan
  • Nakhchivan
  • clocked
  • Baku
  • Imishli
  • Samuh
  • Culfa
  • Kubadlı
  • Daşkesen
  • Tovuz
  • Füzuli
  • Ucar
  • Masallı
  • Zerdab
  • Naftalan
  • Liman
  • Terter
  • Kürdemir
  • Şirvan

It is very easy for you to benefit from our transportation services. You can reach us at any time and benefit from our services in the best way.

Azerbaijan Road Transportation

Azerbaijan and Turkey are close neighbors and it is very easy to get between the two countries by road. For this reason, Azerbaijan road transportation service is highly preferred.

Although the main route in our road transportation services is considered as Istanbul – Baku, we can depart from Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Mersin, Adana, Antalya, Gaziantep, Karaman, Kocaeli, Manisa and all other provinces.

Similarly, our vehicles arriving in Azerbaijan by road can be delivered to almost all cities such as Agdam, Aghdash, Agsu, Balaken, Berde, Beylegan, Ganja, Mingechevir, Sumqayit, Shirvan, especially Baku.

road transportation in azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Partial Transportation

In our partial transportation solutions between Turkey and Azerbaijan, we consolidate the loads coming to our Istanbul warehouse or brought by domestic transportation from Istanbul and plan them in accordance with our vehicle loading plan.

Azerbaijan partial transport loads loaded from our warehouses are documentary, by organizing all information flows correctly; we present our vehicle to customs.

Our vehicles, which carry out all necessary Customs controls, distribute to major cities of Azerbaijan such as Sumqait, Oguz, Babek, Kuba, Agjabedi, especially Azerbaijan Baku partial delivery via Georgia.

Saygınlar Nakliyat; Our organization, which is an expert in Azerbaijan partial transportation and logistics, continues to collect the appreciation of the customer with Azerbaijan partial services.

Saygınlar Lojistik is the leading company active in the Middle East with its self-owned vehicle fleet. Having one of the strongest fleets in Turkey, Saygınlar is always innovative and invests in its infrastructure and personnel.

Our Baku partial transportation: We offer partial transportation services to all cities of Azerbaijan, including the capital.

What matters in international trade is cost and speed. Price plays an active role in the sale of export products abroad.

In order to reduce the costs of companies that want to export to Azerbaijan or are actively exporting to Azerbaijan; Azerbaijan partial, transportation and transportation services are provided to our valued customers by Saygınlar Transport.

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Azerbaijan Frigo Shipping

Frigo transportation, also called cold chain transportation, is the service of delivering the goods to be transported without spoiling. In this regard, we offer Azerbaijan frigo transportation service with our equipped vehicles.

On certain days of the week, we deliver the cargoes we collect from various provinces of Turkey over the routes we have determined after performing customs clearance procedures or over the routes determined in line with the special demands of our customers.

Our company, which can meet your expectations in the field of Azerbaijan frigo transportation in the best way, is an address where you can reach the result by evaluating the service quality you are looking for in the best way. You can get detailed information about frigo transportation by contacting our company at any time from our contact information.

Thanks to our experience and experience in Azerbaijan full cargo transportation services, we ensure that the cargo is transported on time and that a reliable transportation service is created while doing so.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which you can reach directly for your Azerbaijan complete truck transportation needs and get the best price offer, will also satisfy you with the solutions it offers.

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Azerbaijan Air Freight Forwarding

Our company, which produces solutions for all kinds of transportation needs between Turkey and Azerbaijan, is also at your side with airline transportation.

With our Azerbaijan airline transportation service, we offer cargo service from airports in Turkey, especially Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

We provide transportation to Heydar Aliyev Airport, Ganja Airport, Balaken Airport and other airports in Baku with flights departing from Turkey.

With our air transportation services, we can transport your cargo of any size, regardless of the size of your cargo.

Since there are regular flights between Turkey and Azerbaijan, our aircraft cargo application also continues periodically. Therefore, we can safely transport your commercial goods and together with our strong business partners in Azerbaijan, we can deliver your cargo anywhere in the country.

We can revise the details of our Azerbaijan airline transportation services completely according to your needs, and we stand out with the strict transportation times determined.

Whether from airport to airport, door to airport, airport to door or door to door, we are with you with our airline cargo applications.

We work with a professional team from the beginning to the end of the process and manage the whole process from the moment you contact our call center and accept our service.

Azerbaijan airline transportation prices vary according to service details and service types. For this reason, after calling our call center, our staff will ask you for all kinds of details such as the amount, weight, dimensions of your cargo, where it will be picked up and delivered, what kind of transportation is required.

Turkey-Azerbaijan Transport Route

We collect your cargo from different parts of Turkey in our warehouses and deliver them to Azerbaijan on certain days and times of the week.

We prefer to go through Georgia as Azerbaijan transportation route. Our routes vary according to the wishes of our customers and some situations.

We make you very happy by offering affordable transportation service. We also organize regular campaigns throughout the year to offer our customers very advantageous offers.

Our prices vary according to the size, weight, characteristics of your cargo, the distance between the location where your cargo is picked up and the location where it will be delivered, the transportation service you benefit from and some situations. You can contact us at any time to get a clear quote.

Azerbaijan Transportation Companies

Azerbaijan transportation companies are increasing day by day in our country. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a professional transportation company that does its job properly.

At this point, as Saygınlar Nakliyat, we are trying to meet your expectations in the best way possible.

We are trying to help you in every matter with our experience and experience we have gained by operating in this field for many years.

We continue to improve ourselves day by day according to the positive and negative feedback we receive from our customers about our services.

Teknolojiyi daima yakından takip edip ihtiyaç ve taleplerinize göre çeşitli seçenekler sunarak hizmetlerimizden %100 memnun bir şekilde ayrılmanızı sağlıyoruz.

What are our Azerbaijan Transportation Solutions?

We know and understand our customers’ needs well. As the Azerbaijan transportation company we have been working with for years, we offer solutions exactly to their needs by increasing customer satisfaction day by day with the systems and solutions we have created in the relevant line.

You can find the right solution for dry cargo transportation with our canvas vehicles and partial transportation needs from our Istanbul warehouse to Azerbaijan.

  • Azerbaijan Complete Truck Transportation
  • Azerbaijan Frigo Truck Transportation
  • Azerbaijan Partial Freight Transportation (We Carry the Cargo of Exporter Companies)

Azerbaijan Logistics Information

  • Azerbaijan has the most developed logistics infrastructure among developing countries.
  • Railway logistics systems: 2,090 KM.
  • Highway: 30,400KM.
  • Sea route: Through the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan has a strong air transportation network. Azerbaijan Airlines is the most developed and largest airline in Azerbaijan. The company is headquartered in Baku.

We traveled from Turkey to Azerbaijan. Our large fleet can always respond to the demands of our valued customers.

Our trained logistics marketing staff, who respond to your Azerbaijan partial transportation and logistics needs in the best way, especially in project shipments, will explain logistics solutions to you.

Our information sharing in Azerbaijan partial, logistics and transportation is aimed at protecting customer rights.

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