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Advantages of Rail Transportation

There are many types of transportation used in international freight transportation. What is rail transport? The answer to the question is that passengers or cargo are transported via railway wagons.

Railway transportation is a safer type of transportation than other types of transportation.

Since less service is needed in railway goods transportation, this type of transportation is the type of transportation that companies safely prefer to reach the maximum economic profit targeted in commercial business agreements.

Railway transportation, which attracts the attention of customers with the advantages it provides in terms of the low number of employees required for the transportation of goods of many tonnages and being an economical transportation type, is frequently preferred for the transportation of goods within the country and internationally.

In railway transportation, goods are transported with open or closed wagons. In addition, thanks to its partial transportation services, railway transportation creates many solutions for you.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat family, we are proud of being the most recommended company by you, thanks to our outstanding performance in international railway transportation works. Your loads are safely transported to many parts of the world by our company.

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International Rail Transportation

Thanks to the international commercial business agreements signed in recent years, the economic income of our country from the global trade network has reached 2 quadrillion.

Railway transportation services can be provided from our country to many different countries. Our company has managed to become one of the leading companies in the transportation sector, thanks to its activities in international railway transportation.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result when you receive service from our company, a company specialized in international railway transportation, in order to carry out this process comfortably and complete it with maximum efficiency.

Our transportation prices are updated every year in a way that will not put your budget into trouble. With the professional transportation services provided by our expert employees, your belongings are delivered to the train point you specified as soon as legal periods allow.

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Documents Used in Railway Transportation

The documents used in rail transport are:

Railway bill of lading: It is the document issued to confirm that the goods to be transported are carried by the railway company.

This document is the contract that contains information about the railway company, the owner of the cargo and the persons who will receive the delivery.

Bills of lading used in maritime transport are used by companies providing railway transport services as CIV and CIM documents. These documents, which mean international transport agreement, are filled in 6 copies.

Freight Bills stating that the goods will be transported by the railway company 4. It is in the copy.

In addition, FIATA documents and carrier receipts prepared by shipping companies that offer goods transportation services on their behalf are among the documents used in railway transportation.

Demiryolunun ilişkilerinde gerekli tüm bilgilerin düzenlenmesi düzeninden profesyonel şekilde hizmet almaktasınız.

Demiryolu Taşımacılık Fiyatları

Many companies in our country receive transportation services from international transportation services. At this point, the issue that people pay the most attention to is whether the railway transportation prices are appropriate.

People generally receive transportation services from companies that can provide the most efficiency from the process and have proven themselves by working in the sector for many years.

Railway transportation services are the most affordable services compared to all other transportation services.

As our company, we are at your side with our experienced employees and quality services in the freight transport projects you want to do over the railway.

Railway transportation, which is a fast solution for transporting high tonnage loads, is the most preferred transportation type by companies with the economic advantages it provides.

We are proud to stand by our valued customers with our fixed price policy in railway transportation.

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Rail Freight Advantages and Disadvantages

Railway companies provide the most economical service for easy travel and transportation to many parts of the world.

Frequent trips are made from our country to abroad by using railway transportation services for many purposes.

Railway transportation provides great solutions for safe travel and goods transportation. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of rail transportation?

Railway transportation advantages,

  • An economical transportation service is provided.
  • It is the most reliable type of transportation.
  • It is the fastest solution for transporting heavy tonnage items safely and in a short time.
  • Railway transportation companies, which offer effective options in the transportation of many minerals thanks to their closed and open wagon options, serve as the key point in the transportation of your cargo.
  • Since it is carried out on fixed trips, the risk of accidents and damage is minimal.
  • Since there is no traffic, the cargo transportation process is completed in a short time when the legal limits are respected.

The disadvantages of rail transport are:

Railway transportation to mountainous regions is generally not available. For this reason, providing transportation services in limited areas is the biggest disadvantage of railway transportation.

Since this type of transportation is a disadvantageous option in countries with underdeveloped railway networks, it causes customers not to prefer to receive service during the transportation process.

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Railway Transportation Wagon Types

Railway networks have been established in many cities of our country since the Ottoman period. Railway transportation, which is an effective method for transporting people and cargo of all tonnages, is a safe type of transportation.

Your belongings carried by closed and open wagons are delivered to your desired destinations in a short time.

Developing technology in rail freight transport produces effective devices for customers to receive professional transport services with wagons with many different features. Rail transport wagon types are as follows:

  • G type covered wagon
  • F type high tonnage high sided wagon
  • Closed wagons produced for liquid transportation
  • open wagons
  • Wagons with automatic unloading
  • Grain and mine wagons
  • Open platform wagons
  • cistern wagons
  • Uaais Heavy Cargo Wagon
  • Malicious type covered wagons
  • bulk freight wagon
  • multipurpose wagon
  • Sliding cargo wagons