Uzbekistan Shipping

Uzbekistan Shipping

You are under the protection of our self-owned vehicles and CMR insurance in Uzbekistan transportation operations. We offer export, import and transit cargo transportation services for Uzbekistan refrigerated transportation and dry cargo transportation. We have transportation solutions to all provinces of Uzbekistan you need, especially Tashkent.

Uzbekistan Shipping Prices

  • We go overland via Uzbekistan shipping route, Georgia > Azerbaijan / Alet port > RORO and Kazakhstan / Aktau port.
  • Delivery to Bukhara in Iran – Bazargan city or Lutfiabad – pool – saraks with transfer 7.500 USD.
  • When transporting to Uzbekistan via Iran, our route is Turkey > Iran > Turkmenistan > Uzbekistan. 10 days transit time. The freight cost from Istanbul to Tashkent is 8,000USD.
  • İran üzeri Tek aktarmalı Buhara 7.600 USD şeklinde gidileceğim şehir / km. Prices are updated accordingly.
  • Istanbul – Samarkand 6.800 USD
  • You can base it as Istanbul – Tashkent 8,000 USD.
  • Transit time is 10-12 days (except for force major) If there is no problem on the route over Russia, we can provide road services such as Georgia > Russia > Kazakhstan > Uzbekistan to reduce the freight according to demand.
✔️Istanbul – Tashkent 7.200 USD
✔️Ankara – Bukhara7.200 USD
✔️Izmir – Samarkand7.200 USD
✔️Bursa – Nukus7.200 USD

Uzbekistan Shipping Times

Standing out as a very important commercial business partner with our country, Turkey, Uzbekistan is one of the most popular regions in the sector in the field of road transport services.

Especially in the field of Uzbekistan transport services, where trucks are preferred in the field of road transportation, Uzbekistan truck times are of great importance.

The transit arrival time from Istanbul, the most populous city of our country, to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is approximately 12 days.

Road transportation services, which are very popularly preferred in basic logistics services, are carried out very quickly and effectively in this way.

Uzbekistan truck companies

Türkiye Uzbekistan truck route

The cargoes we receive from different provinces of Turkey; After the procedures are completed at Istanbul Erenköy Customs Directorate, we deliver the cargo to the points where it will be delivered via routes such as Andican, Buhara, Fergana, Hibe, Kokand and Moynak.

After the journey, which lasts between 8-10 days, our expert personnel are sensitive in the unloading processes to ensure the safe delivery of the cargoes and prevent the goods/products from being damaged.

You will get the service you are looking for in the most accurate way and at the most affordable prices in ongoing transportation via Georgiaencoded >Russiaencoded> Kazakhstanencoded>Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Shipping Route

– Our route is Türkiye > Georgia > Russia > Kazakhstan > Uzbekistan.

– Turkey e> Iran > Turkmenistan > Uzbekistan transportation directions are available depending on your request.

Uzbekistan Partial Shipping

We continue to be the benchmark name in the sector with the affordable prices and easy payment solutions we offer to our customers in the field of Uzbekistan partial transportation. Ensure your cargo is transported safely with Saygınlar Transportation…

  • Uzbekistan partial transportation is the transportation of goods and products belonging to more than one person going to the same place. Transportation services such as road transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, railway transportation are provided. Products and goods belonging to different buyers are transported by a single vehicle. Transportation takes place in trucks, ships, planes, containers, trains – wagons.

Uzbekistan Partial transportation times are determined using routes via Iran and Turkmenistan.

Although the average time is 8-10 days, delays may occur due to unforeseen reasons such as road conditions, weather conditions and natural conditions.

We carry out partial cargo transportation to Uzbekistan, which is among the important countries in Turkey’s foreign trade volume.

We regularly deliver partial cargo from Istanbul with our self-owned vehicles to metropolitan cities such as Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

We deliver products of exporting companies or manufacturers + exporters to Uzbekistan, which take up less space than a small complete truck.

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Uzbekistan partial shipping

Uzbekistan Frigo Transport

We offer a refrigerated option in Uzbekistan transportation service. We regularly carry out cold chain shipments in Türkiye – Uzbekistan export transportation.

We provide refrigerated truck transportation services to all regions, especially Tashkent. Refrigerated cargoes from Turkey to Uzbekistan are generally shipped from Antalya, Mersin, Hatay, Konya, Kocaeli, Izmit, Istanbul, Izmir, Aydın and Denizli.

The routine maintenance of our vehicles is complete and we deliver the transportation precisely. With the awareness of our responsibility, we complete the export transportation of refrigerated products quickly. Against the risk of deterioration of your cargo, our self-owned vehicles deliver your cargo safely to the delivery point under CMR insurance.

Our refrigerated transport vehicles can depart from Turkey and distribute to all cities, especially in Uzbekistan.

The price changes according to the distance between the departure and arrival point.

  • Andican,
  • Angren,
  • Buhara,
  • Cizzak,
  • Fergana,
  • Gülistan,
  • Hive
  • Kokand
  • Nukus
  • Semerkant
  • Taşkent
  • Tirmiz
  • Urgenç

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uzbekistan shipping costs

Uzbekistan Road Transport

Our Uzbekistan road transport applications continue completely customer-oriented. We always continue to be the address of the highest quality and most reliable solutions.

Although we use our completely self-owned vehicles in road transportation, we can travel between the two countries with our vehicles in different equipment depending on the load type and transportation preference.

In our road transport applications, we can reach Uzbekistan using the Turkey – Iran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan route or the Georgia – Russia – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan route.

Our shipping times are between 8 and 10 days on average, but there may be slight changes in delivery times depending on weather conditions, road conditions and other factors.

Although we always choose the route according to the road condition and density, our customers can also choose a certain route.

In this case, our road transport application is carried out from the desired route.

In our Uzbekistan road transportation applications, we have a completely professional staff who knows the geography and has experience in the field.

With our new generation, well-maintained and equipped vehicles, our teams deliver your cargo safely from the loading point to the delivery point.

We regularly deliver road freight from Turkey to various provinces of Uzbekistan. You can request truck freight to the following Regions and Cities, and you can have your cargo transported to Uzbekistan.

Saygınlar Transportation, which is always the address of quality service; It provides complete dry cargo transportation, partial and out-of-gauge cargo delivery to all cities, especially Tashkent.

Andican» Hive» Semerkant» Angren» Karşi»Shohimardon» Buhara» Kokand» Taşkent» Cizzak» Margilon» Tirmiz» Fergana» Moynak» Urgenç» Gulistan

Vehicles taking RORO from TurkeyGeorgiaAzerbaijan Baku Port arrive in Uzbekistan using Turkmenbashi Port.

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Uzbekistan Railway Transport

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, one of the leading transportation companies of Uzbekistan railway transportation services, we are proud to offer you a quality and safe transportation service.

A special transportation awaits you with friendly services of our experienced staff, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Fast, safe and very economical railway transportation offers you a solution for your cargo transportation from Turkey to the Uzbekistan region.

We bring imported products from Uzbekistan and other countries of the region to you with the help of railway transportation.

International railway transportation service, which is especially preferred in some freight transportation, is frequently used thanks to its easy transit advantages.

Due to the railway services developed in Uzbekistan and the surrounding regions outside our country, it is a very attractive method in terms of freight transportation.

  • Shipping service to 60 countries
  • happy customers
  • 25 Agencies
  • Advanced mesh network

Uzbekistan transporters

Our Uzbekistan Transportation Solutions

  • Refrigerated and awning complete transportation for your export shipments
  • Refrigerated and tarpaulin dry cargo transportation for your import shipments
  • Dry cargo transportation services in our Uzbekistan export partial transportation solutions
  • Partial departures from Istanbul, Turkey, on a regular basis every week
  • Regular vehicle location sending
  • Correctly Planning and Analyzing Your Project Assignments
  • Uzbekistan Heavy Transport Solutions
  • Uzbekistan Dry Cargo Transportation

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we offer complete, partial, project transportation and heavy transportation solutions to Uzbekistan transportation, Turkic Republics and Middle East Countries as a pioneer in the sector with its long years of experience and knowledge. We started road transportation services to most regions in the world by getting stronger from the Middle East.

We are a company that offers different logistics solutions to different needs with our self-owned vehicle fleet that grows day by day. Türkiye – Uzbekistan; We carry out imports from Uzbekistan to Turkey and transit cargo transportation to other countries. International Transportation We are the leading company in Uzbekistan transportation solutions with our trained staff.

Where is Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi), is a country in Central Asia. It is one of the seven independent Turkish states. It borders Kazakhstan in the north, Kyrgyzstan in the northeast, Tajikistan in the southeast, Afghanistan in the south and Turkmenistan in the southwest.


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Uzbekistan Tashkent Transport

The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. For this reason, the main destination of transportation services between Turkey and Uzbekistan is considered to be Tashkent. Uzbekistan Tashkent transport services are researched.

As a company, we can provide transportation from almost all cities in Turkey to Tashkent. We can deliver your cargo to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, not only with refrigerated transportation, but also with heavy transportation or partial transportation.

In our Uzbekistan Tashkent partial transportation applications, we collect your loads in our warehouses in Istanbul and set off as the destination point of Tashkent on certain days of the week. We carry out professional transportation with our C2 authorization certificate and ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

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uzbekistan partial shipping prices

Documents Used in Uzbekistan Transportation

Our country, Turkey, has many commercial business partners in the field of basic logistics services, which is of great importance today.

The country of Uzbekistan, which stands out as one of the most important commercial partners of our country, is also in a very important position, especially in the field of road logistics services.

In this context, the documents used in transportation to Uzbekistan have extra importance. In general, the basic documents and documents used in the field of road logistics services from our country to Uzbekistan;

  • Road Transport Certificate,
  • FIATA Receipt Documents,
  • Parcel Post Receipt,
  • Transporter’s Receipt and
  • It stands out as the Truck Carnet.

Uzbekistan Population and Religion

The population and religious structure of Uzbekistan, which is located in a very important region of Central Asia, is also quite rich.

Muslims constitute 96% of the population, and 2% of the Orthodox population lives in the country.

The country of Uzbekistan, which has a population of nearly 35 million, stands out as one of the seven independent Turkish states.

The country of Uzbekistan, which includes people from very different cultures and ethnic groups, stands out as a very important trade point in the Central Asian region.

Especially in the country, which is at the center of many various road logistics networks, religious beliefs and freedoms are also guaranteed within the scope of the country’s constitution.

Political and Administrative Structure

Today, one of the most curious points about the country of Uzbekistan is its political and administrative structure.

Uzbekistan, which has adopted the republic as its management system, also bases its basic management approach on the presidential system.

The capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which has adopted the unitary state structure, is the city of Tashkent. The official language of the country, which uses the Uzbekistan Som as its currency, stands out as Uzbek.

Uzbekistan, which stands out as a very important commercial business partner of our country, Turkey, is also known as one of the most important points of a very critical road transportation line.

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Frequently asked questions about Uzbekistan Transportation

How are Uzbekistan Shipping Prices Determined?

It is determined by taking into account the weight, type and volume of goods and items.

How to Perform Partial Transportation to Uzbekistan?

It occurs when the goods and belongings of more than one person are transported in the same vehicle.