Ukraine Transportation

Ukraine Transportation

With Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has years of experience and experience in Ukraine transportation services, you will achieve faster and more reliable business results than you expect. Do not make a decision without examining our experience, quality and customer satisfaction oriented services.

The field of transportation is a sector that requires experience and experience. Especially when it comes to international transportation, the company to be selected must be experienced from the first moment to the last moment of transportation.

You can get much more than you expect from the field of international transportation with a company where every moment such as customs clearance, loading and unloading operations are carried out meticulously.

Ukraine transportation is one of the most frequently used routes in the field of international transportation in Turkey. The warm commercial relations between the two countries affect the increase in exports day by day.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, thanks to years of experience and experience, we offer you much more than you are looking for in Ukraine transportation services and we ensure that you meet your needs in the field of transportation in a correct and reliable way.

Ukraine truck prices

Ukraine Transportation Prices

While we continue to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the privileged solutions we offer, we meet their expectations in the best way at the price point.

  • Mersin>Ukraine / Kiev truck transportation price 6.500usd awning highway to go. We use Bulgaria – Romania – Ukraine routes
  • Liviv 6.300usd
  • We have vehicles suitable for Ukraine>Turkey import 3.500usd transportation…

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to be one of the known and reference determinant names of the sector and continues to be the smiling face of its customers with its affordable prices offered in Ukraine transportation prices. You can get detailed information about Ukraine transportation prices by contacting our company from the contact information.

Ukraine imports between Ukraine and Turkey, one of the most curious issues for companies engaged in exports is Ukraine Turkey transportation prices.

In the past, factors such as the fact that Turkey and Ukraine were not too far from each other and that there were alternative transportation routes and types of transportation made transportation prices more affordable.

The recent conflicts and movements in the region have deeply affected the transportation sector.

Transportation prices have also increased due to factors such as aggravation of conditions, decrease in routes and increase in risk.

However, Ukraine Turkey transportation prices are determined according to the distance between the address where your cargo will be delivered and the address where it will be delivered, the preferred transportation type and the characteristics of the cargo.

Saygınlar Nakliyat always provides the best quality and fastest service at the most affordable prices.


Where is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. With a surface area of 603.549 km², Ukraine is the country with the largest surface area in Europe. It borders Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest. It is also bordered by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the south.

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Ukraine Shipping Routes and Times

Under normal conditions, there was no restriction on timing as Ukraine transportation was done directly.

However, with the recent update, it has been made obligatory to carry out Ukrainian freight transportation routes via Iraq and Syria. However, the war and civil unrest in both countries cause serious problems and risks for road transportation.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat and other transportation companies, we offer combined transportation service with maritime transportation in order not to be exposed to the problems experienced on the highway in Ukraine transportation services.

Although this situation causes a slight delay in the transportation time to Ukraine, it is a much more reliable transportation method at the point of trust.

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Trucks returning from Ukraine to Turkey

Ukraine Transportation Services

  • Ukraine partial transportation
  • Complete tilt transportation to Ukraine
  • Ukraine lowbed project transportation services
  • Ukraine refrigerated transport

Saygınlar Nakliyat carries out Ukrainian transportation to all Ukrainian cities, especially Mariupol, Kiev, Sevastopol cities.

It provides 24/7 service with its expert staff in Ukraine transportation. All operations are covered by CMR insurance in order to cover any damages and negativities that may occur.

Partial transportation (groupage) services continue uninterruptedly on certain days every week in Ukraine transportation. Saygınlar Lojistik aims to be the leader among Ukraine transportation companies with its perfect service understanding.

It closely follows the opportunities provided by technology in transportation and makes maximum use of these opportunities. It also rejuvenates its fleet every year and strives to provide safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical service.

Saygınlar Nakliyat personnel have a good command of the customs laws of Ukraine where it provides transportation services. With its continuously increasing experience, it reinforces the trust of its customers.

In transportation to Ukraine, automotive, food, spare parts, white goods, electronics, iron and steel, textile, furniture, building materials, etc. are generally used. sectors are served.

Plans are made with precision to ensure that the loads are at the desired location on time. Therefore, success in time management brings customer satisfaction.

International Transportation Saygınlar Nakliyat has adopted the principle of providing an ever-improving service to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Ukraine Transport Cities

Lviv, Kiev, Odessa,Harkov, Zaporijya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Ujgorod, Lutsk, Çernivtsi, Ternopil, Luhansk, Sivastopol, Vilkovo, Herson,Kamyanets- Podilski, İvan Frankivsk, Simferopol, Vinnitsya, Poltova, Uman, Mikolayiv, Sumi, Rohatyn, Makivka, Kramatorsk, Berdyansk, Dnyeprodzerijnsk, Horlivka, Alçevks, Meltopol, Yalta, Kremençug, Mariupol, Rivne, Çerkassi, Bila Tserkva, Mukaçeve, Jitomir, Çemigiv, Kryvyi Rih, Slovyansk, Berdiçev, İzmail, Radomyshl, Yenakijeve, Lısıçansk, Brovary, Nikopol, Oleksandriya, Konotop

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Ukraine Partial Transportation prices

Ukraine Partial Transportation

Our company, which is an expert in the field of partial transportation to Ukraine, carries out regular flights between Turkey and Ukraine every week.

  • Partial transportation is the logistics of transporting different customers and different loads on the same route with the same truck, van or truck is called partial transportation or partial transportation.

Ukraine, located in the north of Turkey, is one of the Eastern European countries with which we have the most commercial activities. There are historical, geographical and cultural affinities between Turkey and Ukraine.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries began with Turkey being one of the first countries to recognize Ukraine’s independence. We are proud to be an intermediary in strengthening the bond and closeness established between the two countries through commercial activities.

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues its services in the field of international transportation with 11 years of experience and experience.

Saygınlar Nakliyat offers partial transportation services to many countries of Europe such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, Spain, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Finland and many other countries in our service network that we develop day by day to offer our partial logistics service.

We provide safe, fast, undamaged and complete transportation of your cargo with our CMR insured self-owned vehicle fleet and our expert drivers with Schengen visa.

We perform both export and import services between Turkey and Ukraine regularly and on time.

In addition, in the field of Ukraine road transport, we offer you; Ukraine partial transportation, Ukraine complete transportation, Ukraine refrigerated transportation and Ukraine project transportation.

Our company, which works with the principles of constantly offering the best and more in our services, provides perfect service at the point of meeting the demands of our customers.

In our Ukraine partial transportation services, we take the cargo of our customers safely and deliver it to the transportation point safely.

We provide services to regions such as Mariupol, Kiev, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Lviv, where the most partial loads of Ukraine go. With our experience and experience, we ensure that our customers are satisfied and that they find the solutions they are looking for in the most accurate way.

frigo shipping to ukraine

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Ukraine Partial Routes

With our young and dynamic fleet of self-owned vehicles, we provide support for the transportation of all kinds of partial loads and the customs clearance of the cities where the loads must be delivered.

We also provide document and document support for your transportation operations. Ukraine partial transportation route by road; Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Moldova – Ukraine.

On the Ukrainian partial transportation maritime route; Zonguldak – Samsun – Haydarpaşa ports, Odessa port – Simferepol port – Equatoria port in the form of arrival by land, we carry out deliveries.

Cities where we provide Ukraine partial transportation service:

Kiev Mıkolayiv Çernigiv Rivne
Harkov Mariupol Çerkassi Çernivtsi
Dnipro Makiivka Sumi Kremençuk
Odessa Vinnitsya Horlivka Ternopil
Donetsk Simferopol Jitomir İvano-Frankivsk
Zaporijya Sivastopol Dniprodzerzhynsk Lutsk
Lviv Herson Kirovograd Bila Tserkva
Kryvyi Rih Poltava Hmelnitski Kramatorsk

Ukraine Partial Transportation Prices

With the cooperation we have realized in Ukraine and around the world, we deliver your international cargo on time and to the point you want.

Our company Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has many years of experience and experience, is among the leading companies in Turkey in the field of international transportation and logistics with its trained and expert staff and constantly renewed vehicle fleet. In the transportation sector, the volume of the transported cargo is also very important along with its weight.

In partial transportation, which is included in road transportation, calculations are made using cubic meters, weight and lademeter calculation measurements.

The M3 calculation of the partial load is in the form of EN x LENGTH x HEIGHT x QTY. Ukraine partial transportation prices may vary depending on the nature of the cargo or goods, the distance between the two countries and regions, the volume and tonnage of the cargo or goods, customs procedures and many extra services.

Saygınlar Nakliyat offers you the best freight advantages for partial transportation between Ukraine and Turkey in any capacity.

Ukraine Frigo Transportation

Ukraine Frigo Frigo transportation, also known as cold chain transportation, is one of the most common transportation services from Turkey to Ukraine and its surroundings.

We use our specially equipped vehicles to transport food, frozen packaged products and all products/goods that need to reach their destination without spoilage within the framework of health conditions.

We ensure that you find much more than you are looking for in Ukraine frigo transportation services with our transportation vehicles that maintain -26 degrees cold.

The drivers of our vehicles engaged in frigo transportation in Ukraine are transporting cargo to European countries with a Schengen visa. In accordance with our corporate structure, we renew our vehicle fleet and trailers at the right rate to technology every day in order to make timely delivery of refrigerated loads.

With our young fleet, we offer refrigerated transportation services to all cities, including the center of Kiev, Ukraine.

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partial transportation to ukraine

Ukraine Complete Transportation

In Ukraine, where exports are made quickly and continuously, complete transportation services are also one of the types of services sought. As Saygınlar Nakliyat, which we continue to sign successful works in transportation services between Turkey and Ukraine, we ensure that you find much more than you are looking for in complete transportation services.

We ensure that you find much more than you are looking for with Ukraine complete transportation services and Ukraine transportation prices we offer against our services.

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Ukrainian Transport Aircraft

Ukraine is a country located in the north of the Black Sea and has long-standing bilateral relations with Turkey.

For years, import and export activities have been continuing between the two countries due to cooperation in different sectors, and our company has been transporting cargo to Ukraine through different transportation channels.

Due to the recent developments in Ukraine, the preference for Ukrainian transport aircraft has become more prominent.

The prolongation of the war between Ukraine and Russia and its spread over a wide area has increased the demand for the use of airline in the field of transportation, and the use of transport aircraft has increased due to faster and safer transportation.

Firmamız her zaman olduğu gibi yine hızlı reaksiyon göstererek başarıyla yüklerinizi son alıcılarına ulaştırmaya yardımcı olmaktadır.

Transportation Service Advantages

  • Complete and partial transportation
  • Safe and on-time delivery
  • Insured transportation
  • Experienced and specialized staff
  • 24-hour expert support
  • Technological equipment
  • Vehicle tracking over the internet via satellites with GPS system
  • Fully self owned large vehicle fleet
  • Project and heavy load transportation organizations
  • Informing the customer at all stages of the service

Religion and Geographical Location in Ukraine

Ukraine is at an important point in terms of religion and geographical location. Ukraine has a great diversity in terms of religions. A large part of the society is religious. A large part of the society is religious.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Ukrainian constitution. However, religious organizations are required to register with the central government and local authorities stating which religion they belong to.

Although there is no official state religion, there are certain regulations. The majority of the Ukrainian population is Christian.

Members of the Orthodox Church constitute the largest group, making up 14.9 percent of the population.

Greek Catholics make up 9 percent, Christianity Only 7 percent, and Protestantism 1 percent. Islam, Judaism and other religions each account for less than 1 percent of the population. Those who do not belong to any religion are around 11 percent. Ukraine is geographically located in North Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is geographically located in North Eastern Europe. With an area of 603,549 square kilometers, it is the largest country in Europe.

It borders Russia to the east and northeast, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Belarus to the northwest, Romania and Moldova to the southwest. The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are also to the south.

Current Political and Business Situation in Ukraine 2022

The current political and commercial situation of Ukraine 2022 is followed by the whole world with curiosity. After long-standing tensions, Russia attacked Ukraine and Ukraine fought back.

The war, which spread over a wide area in a short time, intensified especially in the east and north of Ukraine, and Russian troops started to advance step by step to the big cities of the country.

Following the start of the attacks, a state of emergency was declared in Ukraine, foreigners were allowed to leave the country and commercial activities were aimed to continue, albeit to a lesser extent.

However, in the first days of the war, all commercial activities also stopped, and shipments were halted, especially due to Russia’s seizure of the country’s important ports, airports and highways.

Since Turkey imported a significant amount of grain, sunflower oil and other products from Ukraine, restrictions led to various shortages.

The Ukraine-Russia war has affected and continues to affect the whole world along with the two countries. Although commercial activity has increased compared to the first days, it has dropped significantly compared to the pre-war period.