Russia Shipping

Russia Shipping

We continue to meet our customers’ needs in the field of transportation in the best possible way, with years of experience and knowledge in Russian transportation services.

Saygınlar Transportation is at your service whenever you want with its experienced expert staff.

In the bilateral country, where healthy economic relations are experienced, the high level of exports and imports increases the need for transportation.

Since transportation is an area that requires care and discipline, it is necessary to be extremely careful when choosing a transportation company.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, with its experience of more than 11 years, has become one of the names that provide service to its customers, providing economical prices for its services and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers in the best possible way.

You can experience the privilege of getting what you are looking for in the best way by evaluating the quality services we offer to our valued customers in the field of transportation between Turkey and Russia.

Russia Transport Services:

  • Refrigerated Transportation: Termoking transportation service with our refrigerator vehicles
  • Raft Case: Out of Gauge Cargo Transportation
  • Tarpaulin: Dry Cargo Transportation
  • Mega TIR: Bulky (M3) Freight Transport
  • Lowbed: Heavy Transport Service
  • Project Transportation: We carry out Project Transportation such as Factory, School, Bridge, Airport, Wind Sail, Heavy Machinery.

Russia Shipping Prices

Our company is a leading company that has been working in the sector for many years and has years of knowledge. It regularly makes large commercial agreements with Russia with its professional staff and technologically equipped vehicles. Main factors affecting our shipping prices:

  • ​Ayrıntılara bakın 1.098 / 5.000 Çeviri sonuçları Çeviri sonucu The distance between two points according to the determined route,
  • Amount, volume or size of the product being transported
  • The vehicle arranged for the product to be transported,

Although all these factors change the prices, Russian transportation prices are determined in the most appropriate way by agreements made in our country.

  • Istanbul > Russia / Moscow awning freight cost.. 6.600usd
  • We provide service with truck prices such as Russia > Turkey import 3,000usd, 8/10 days transit time.
  • When we load from Turkey, the Georgia > Russia route is used.
  • We have global guarantee for transit shipments.

For Russia, which is one of the countries with which we constantly and increasingly make agreements, agreements are made in a way that will ensure the continuation of the agreements and at prices that will make it difficult to compete against rival companies.

Istanbul- Moscow5.600 Usd
Izmir- Saint-Peterburg6.200 Usd
Adana-Novosibirsk6.100 Usd
Ankara-Yekaterinburg6.000 Usd

Where is Russia?

Russia is a republic located in the north of Eurasia and governed by a federal semi-presidential system. Exports are made regularly to the country, which has warm economic relations with Turkey, on certain days of the week.

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Russia Road Transport

Our company provides complete, partial and refrigerated transportation via road to Russia. The type of transportation is mutually decided according to the type and quantity of the product transported.

Most of the time, road transportation is preferred because it is faster than other transportation.

Our company, which has years of knowledge and experience, provides customer satisfaction and quality service principles together, and also serves our customers at affordable prices.

Our company is successful in timely and trouble-free delivery by adhering to the agreements made. In our commercial agreements with Russia, the products subject to export are fresh fruits such as apples and peaches, fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber and tomatoes, chicken and canned goods.

Fast delivery is required as there is a possibility that the products we have mentioned may deteriorate. Our company guarantees on-time delivery with appropriately equipped vehicles.

While carrying out Russian road transport, our vehicles that have passed the new and necessary checks hit the road equipped according to the load they carry.

The drivers of our vehicles are professional teammates who have years of experience and have been working in the industry for a long time.

Mersin Russia Transport

We can provide service from almost every province of our country in our transportation to Russia. However, certain provinces are in much higher demand.

Mersin comes first among these. There are many reasons for the intensity of our Mersin Russia transportation services.

First of all, Mersin is one of the provinces where agriculture is most developed. In Mersin, which has a temperate climate in all seasons of the year, many kinds of products are grown, and with greenhouse agriculture, fresh fruits and vegetables are available in all seasons of the year.

Therefore, it may be necessary to send export products to Russia directly from the production site.

Secondly, Mersin Port is our country’s gateway to abroad. Thanks to the heavily used Mersin Port, cargo is loaded onto ships and moves directly towards the Black Sea, and the cargo reaches its recipients in the shortest time via sea transportation.

Our company also carries out transportation between Mersin and Russia with different transportation types.

Russia Shipping Route

  • As the new route for Russian transportation, we pass through Iran Bazargan gate, 500 km of road is built, and we use Astara gate in Azerbaijan. 500km in Azerbaijan. We do transportation to Dagestan, Russia, using the Russian sable door.

One of the main reasons for the high commercial activity between Russia and Turkey is the existence of alternative routes.

Russia shipping routes are in three different ways. The first of these is to cross into Russian territory by road via Georgia.

İkinci güzergâh Ukrayna üzerinden olandır ve denizyolu taşımacılığı kullanılarak Türkiye’nin farklı limanlarından Ukrayna limanlarına, oradan da Rusya topraklarına geçilebilmektedir.

On certain days of the week, flights are organized from our ports such as Istanbul, Sakarya, Zonguldak and Mersin to the port of Odesa, and from there the final recipient address in Russia can be reached.

Thirdly, the passage is made entirely through Europe by road. Our company delivers your cargo to its final recipients in Russia via the most suitable route.

Russian Shipping Provinces

Our vehicles going from Turkey to Russia can deliver to almost every province of Russia.

For this, logistics planning is done in the first place, the most appropriate plan is made according to the location of your cargo, the type of cargo, and the recipient address, and delivery is made in accordance with the plan.

In this respect, the most demanded Russian shipping provinces include Moscow, Kazan, Podolsk, Sochi, Syzran, Tyumen, Perm, Samara, Petersburg, Orenburg, Armavir, Barnaul.

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Russia Partial Transport

Partial transportation is the name given to the service of dividing the vehicle and offering it to different customers. Since it is a service that requires more precision than complete transportation, you should make sure that the company you will receive this service from is reliable and experienced in its field.

Sayginlar Nakliyat, which provides services with long experience in the field of partial transportation in Russia, is an address where you can find much more than what you are looking for.

We deliver the cargo we receive from various provinces of Turkey on certain days of the week to the destination via the determined route after the necessary customs clearance procedures are completed.

You can contact our call center contact number to get detailed information about our Russia partial transportation services.

Russia Partial Shipping Prices

We are establishing close ties on an international scale by concluding new agreements with Russia, which are increasing in volume every day. Establishing these ties is based on mutual trust and quality service.

  • Russia Partial Shipping Prices vary from minimum 2,500 USD   3,500 USD per kg and pallet sizes. 

Partial transportation is the name given to the transportation of products going to the same route by putting them in the same vehicle. Partial load transportation is advantageous in price compared to other types of transportation.

Because customers’ loads, even if small, will be transported without waiting and they will only pay for the area covered by the transported load, not the entire vehicle.

This situation has a reducing effect on Russian partial transportation prices. Since the loads are placed and unloaded in the same order, the possibility of them being damaged is eliminated.

Russia Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transportation is generally used to transport frozen foods or frozen raw materials and materials to the desired country without spoiling.

For Russia refrigerated transportation agreements, equipment with freezer features is added to our vehicles.

Since our fresh vegetables and fruits are grown at certain times of the year and the deterioration process begins in a certain period of time, they are transported by refrigerated transportation, which is the most preferred and usually the fastest way.

Freezers in vehicles can be adjusted to the desired coldness suitable for the products. Our company guarantees the country that the products transported during the transportation process are transported without being damaged or damaged in any other way.

This is the most important factor that increases the trust in our company.

The name given to the transportation of frozen foods is refrigerated transportation.  For this purpose, we are at your service with our specially equipped vehicles that can maintain coldness.

You can contact us to reach much more than you expect in Russia refrigerated transportation services and to meet a new experience with the service quality you are looking for.

Russia Complete Transportation

Complete transportation is the most risk-free and economical transportation type in the transportation industry. In complete transportation, other companies’ loads are not placed on the vehicle other than the load carried, only that load is carried and no process such as stopping at certain points and unloading the load is carried out.

Our country, Russia, ensures the safe transportation of products with the agreements it has made regarding complete transportation. Transport is carried out every week according to the agreements made.

Since there are no stops, it is a fast delivery. Advantages of complete transportation;

  • Since the products will not stop at any stop during the transportation period, there will be no situations such as repeated filling and unloading. Thus, there will be no possibility of damage to the products.
  • Since the products will not stop at one point until their destination, the delivery time will take a short time.

Today, as the economic relations between the two countries progress in a healthy manner, we offer export services to Russia on certain days of the week.

Saygınlar Transportation, which you can choose with confidence in Russia’s complete transportation services, ensures that your cargo reaches its destination in a shorter time than you expect and by adhering to the principle of trust.

Russia Heavy Transport

Commercial activities between Russia and Türkiye have spread over a very wide area. For this reason, Russia may also require heavy transportation, and with heavy transportation, loads other than standard sizes can be transported with special vehicles and equipped equipment.

Heavy transportation requires extreme precision. It is one of the most special types of transportation in terms of both vehicles and equipment and personnel.

Our company has the necessary infrastructure in this field and can undertake the safe transportation of almost all kinds of products within the scope of heavy transportation to Russia.

With heavy transportation, turbines, trucks, yachts, boats, container construction sites, construction equipment, power plants, construction materials, military vehicles and equipment, spare parts, bridge beams, pipelines and more can be transported to Russia.

Russia Shipping via Ukraine

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. However, most of the country’s land is covered with glaciers and its land is not particularly suitable for agriculture.

The country’s economy depends mostly on petroleum products and supplies its needs in other areas from other countries.

Russia has a high import from Turkey, especially in terms of fresh vegetables and fruits, and as Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been making things easier for traders by carrying out transportation between the two countries for many years.

Just as we can reach Russia directly by road, we can also reach Russian territory via third countries, and at this point, our Russian transportation practices via Ukraine are used very intensively.

Deliveries to the southern and western regions of Russia are much faster via Ukraine.

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Russia refrigerated transporters

Russian Transport Aircraft

Land, air and sea routes are used in transportation services. The safest of these are airplanes. Our professional team analyzes the appropriate transportation models according to the demands of our customers and the decision is reached together.

When air transportation is used, fast transportation is ensured, there is no damage to the products as there is no stopping or starting, and it provides safe transportation since air transportation is the transportation with the least possibility of accidents.

In air transportation, it is advantageous to choose loads that are not too large in size. Hava yolu taşımacılığında genellikle parsiyel taşımacılık yapılır.

Russian transport aircraft are fast and safe in transporting small volumes of cargo. Since there is not much waiting, it will be a much shorter journey.

Russia Sea Freight

Our company is the most reliable solution partner for those who want to export to Russia. We can use alternative transportation options such as road, air and sea in the field where we stand out with our years of knowledge and experience. We can provide regular Russian sea transportation from our country to Russia.

Thanks to Russian maritime transportation, we can transport a larger amount of cargo at once. In this respect, we provide an advantage to our customers.

We provide different transportation options depending on the time, speed and budget you want your cargo to go to Russia.

If you wish, you can use transportation options such as combined transportation, tanker transportation, Ro-Ro transportation, container transportation, bulk cargo transportation.

You can choose the most suitable one among our different transportation options and request that we deliver it to the address you want via sea.

We can say that some cargoes have been in higher demand between the two countries for many years in this field. These are mainly:

  • Bulk cargo products such as coal, cement, salt, fertilizer, grain, chrome, sand, cement, plaster,
  • Industrial products such as steel, iron, boron, brick, tile, ceramic, mica, talc, quartz, gypsum, paint soil, cement, marble,
  • precious ore,
  • work machines,
  • petroleum products,
  • Construction machines.

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Russia Shipping Companies

In the world where different technological developments occur every day, distances are rapidly decreasing and trade and, accordingly, international transportation services are increasing.

Our company, which is successful in competition with the increasing number of transportation companies in the world thanks to our quality services and on-time deliveries, continues on its way by gaining the trust of the companies.

As Russian transportation companies, we make various agreements depending on our commercial relations with Russia. We make agreements for both road and air transportation at regular intervals.

Depending on product variety and usage periods, we are trying to support Russia in the field of partial, refrigerated and complete transportation at economical prices.

You can access Cubic Meter Calculation procedures here.

Russia land transportation

Russia Shipping Advantages

  • We Go to Most Regions of Russia with Our Own Vehicles
  • With our CMR Insurance, all the loads we carry with our self-owned vehicles are secured.
  • UND Membership: Our company is a member of the International Transporters Association.
  • C2 Certificate: As Saygınlar Nakliyat; We offer transportation services with our C2 Certificate. T.R. We are a company with the Authorization Certificate of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
  • Our staff provides you with the daily route and location information of our Russian transportation vehicles.
  • Our vehicles are maintained before and after shipment and we act with the principle of problem-free transportation.
  • Our vehicles travel on safe routes to deliver your cargo quickly.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been providing safe cargo transportation services to the Middle East, Turkic Republics, Balkan Countries and Russia for years.

We make efforts to deliver your cargo on time by making accurate and timely planning. The most important thing for us is trust. We transport and deliver your cargo safely.

In our Russia transportation operations, our trucks have the necessary authorization documents and documents in accordance with International Transportation. Our drivers have the necessary knowledge and experience about Russia.

Our shipments in regions close to Russia transportation: We provide transportation services to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

The Address of Trust in Russia Transportation Service

The most exported food products from Turkey to Russia are fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, canned food, cauliflower and cabbage.

The most exported food products from Turkey to Russia are fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, canned food, cauliflower and cabbage.

Transportation to Russia is done by road. We symbolize trust and fast delivery in Turkey – Russia transportation through the safe and fast routes we follow. Our self-owned vehicles include REFRIGERATOR, TILTTY, SAL BOX, MEGA TRUCK.

Our Russian operating vehicles are 13.60 TIR. No matter which city in Turkey you have cargo in, we deliver your cargo to all cities in Russia.

Türkiye and Russia Trade Relations

Türkiye and Russia have a very deep-rooted history in terms of commercial relations. Since the two countries are neighbors, commercial activities have continued for centuries, and the intensity and course of activities have changed over time. Especially political relations have been the most fundamental determinants.

Political relations between Russia and Türkiye have always had ups and downs. Compared to the Ottoman, Tsarist Russia and Cold War periods, commercial relations have increased much more in recent years.

Russia ranks third among the countries from which Turkey imports the most, and ranks ninth among the countries from which it exports the most.

Our company also helps develop commercial relations between the two countries with its quality and innovative services.

Russia Population and Religion

The population and religion of Russia are among the most curious. The official name of the country is the Russian Federation and it is governed by a federal semi-presidential type republic. It is the largest country in the world with an area of 17,125,191 square kilometers.

This entire geography hosts a population of 145.9 million. With this population, Russia is the ninth most populous country in the world.

Since Russia is spread over a very large area, the population density within the country is low. The most populous cities are Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod, Novasibirsk and Yekaterinburg.

Moscow, the capital and most populous city of the country, has a population of more than 18 million.

Four religions are officially recognized in Russia. These are Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. The Russian Orthodox Church is 71 percent in the country, Islam is 10 percent, and other religions are 1 percent.

The rate of those who do not belong to any religion is 15 percent.