Qatar Transport

Qatar Transport

Qatar transportation companies Qatar transportation companies, which carry out export-import-transit cargo transportation from Turkey to the Middle East – Qatar – Turkey, work in this region.

Special CMR Insurance is provided for our company’s self-owned vehicles and all cargo carried by our trucks are shipped to Qatar under CMR insurance.

The capital of Qatar, located in Asia, is Doha. Currency: Qatar Riyal. Considering its surface area, it is 11,571 KM. Its population is in 2013 according to World Bank statistics; It is 2,169 Million.

The interest of Qatar capital, which hosts important investments in Turkey, in our country is increasing day by day.

Our main export products with Qatar are; electrical-electronic components, furniture, construction components, petroleum-mineral oils, milk and dairy products.

Our main import products with Qatar are; unprocessed aluminum, mineral fuels (LNG) and plastic products.

Thanks to the agreements made between Turkey and Qatar recently, Turkey’s exports to Qatar are increasing. Located in an important place in the Middle East, among the Gulf countries; Qatar shipping types to this country are as follows:

  • Highway (Complete, Heavy and Project)
  • Sea Freight (Partial, Complete and Project)
  • Airline (Partial)

Sayginlar Nakliyat carries out export, import and transit trade shipments from Turkey – Qatar with three types of transportation; truck shipment and project provides heavy transport service. We have the refrigerated and tilt trucks that exporters need.

We regularly renew our vehicle fleet in a technology-oriented manner for the countries we transport to Qatar. Receiving its strength from innovation, Saygınlar offers its customers the service they demand, at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, with its trained staff in personnel employment.

It is a company that renews itself day by day in order to carry out transportation service in an institutional way, which handles quality criteria with human and environment-friendly transportation, and contributes to its region with synergy.

Qatar Shipping Prices


Most export, import and transit trade companies complain that transportation prices are high and look for affordable transportation companies.

Sayginlar Nakliyat offers the most affordable and quality service regarding Qatar transportation prices, and we provide the most advantageous freight prices for sea, road and air.

Our company, which has a young and dynamic self-owned vehicle fleet, carries out loading operations according to different types of trucks suitable for the type and weight of the loads you want to transport.

In this way, we carry out your large loads with our large capacity vehicles such as mega trucks and continue to provide you with the best service.

Qatar transportation prices vary depending on the nature of the product, the distance between the two countries and regions where the transportation will take place, the volume and tonnage of the cargo or goods, the cost of goods, customs procedures and many extra services.

To have more detailed and clear information, you can get support from our operations team 24/7.

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Qatar Partial Transport

Sayginlar Nakliyat, which succeeded in ensuring the satisfaction of its customers with its services in the field of partial transportation in Qatar, continues to be one of the reference determinants of the sector with its services beyond expectations.

The increasing trade volume between Qatar and Turkey highlights the logistics companies of both countries. Saygınlar Transportation is one of the leading logistics companies operating between the two countries.

Partial transportation, which saves scale by creating large loading lots for your loads that cannot be filled by a truck, is more flexible than complete transportation due to the frequency of departure days.

Thanks to its wide service network, our company delivers your cargo in accordance with pre-planned and determined time intervals.

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to carry out part, load, groupage and Qatar partial transportation on certain days every week and regularly, without slowing down and without interruption. Our company transports your partial transportation loads smoothly, reliably and quickly with its expert staff and years of logistics experience.

We continue our work in order to maintain the continuity of our services and to provide better quality service to our customers every time. Our company, known and preferred in its field, is an address that offers results beyond your expectations in Qatar partial transportation services.

In our Qatar partial transportation services, we cover CMR insurance coverage in the transportation of goods, as in other areas. With our company, which provides transportation services in accordance with ISO 9001 quality guidelines, you will be sure of the reliability of your cargo.

Safely continuing its transportation activities to the countries located around Turkey for more than 25 years, it has become one of the most preferred brands in import, export and transit transactions with Qatar.

Qatar is the richest country in the world in terms of per capita income. Shopping activities are carried out in many valuable items between Turkey and Qatar, which has very rich underground resources. The cooperation between the two countries has increased the need for partial transportation in Turkey and Qatar.

Türkiye Doha Partial Transport

We continue to be the most preferred name in the industry, thanks to our work, where we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers.

Thanks to the successful results we offer in partial transportation services between Turkey and Qatar, our customers experience the privilege of obtaining the service quality they seek from the right address.

Our company, which has years of experience and experience in Turkey Doha partial transportation services, does its best at the point of transporting the cargoes in the promised time. This ensures that the returns are at the rate we want.

Qatar Sea Freight Partial

We have regular voyages to Doha, Qatar, from Ambarlı / Istanbul Port, every Friday. Our Doha partial services change weekly, direct and indirect.

Thanks to the quality service policy we maintain in Qatar maritime transport services, our customers enjoy meeting their expectations in the best way possible.

Our company, which we address to our customers with the cheapest Qatar transportation prices, manages to become one of the most well-known and preferred names in the transportation sector with its experienced expert staff.

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Qatar Heavy Transport

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we are happy to have a large share in logistics and transportation activities within the framework of our commercial relations with Qatar, which is located in the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the countries where our country is engaged in intensive transportation activities.

Our company, which is an expert in Qatar heavy transportation, carries out your export and import transactions to Iran, European countries, Balkan countries, Turkic Republics, Asian countries and Middle Eastern countries with our trained, experienced and experienced staff in a customer-oriented manner. Our goal in this regard is to offer you the most perfect service with affordable freight advantages.

Qatar Ship Transport

Although different applications can be preferred in transportation services between Qatar and Turkey, the most prominent one is the Qatar sea transportation service.

Our company organizes 1-2 trips per week from Mersin Port to Qatar and ensures that the desired cargo is always delivered to the destination country.

Your cargo, which can be loaded into containers from almost anywhere in Turkey, reaches Qatar via Ro-Ro and is distributed to other cities of Qatar after the port of destination.

Transporting your cargo in containers to Qatar by sea offers many advantages, and we can list them as follows:

  • Very heavy and large loads can be transported to Qatar at once.
  • Even your highly secure cargo can be delivered to your address.
  • Sea shipping is the most economical internationally.

Continuing to be one of the leading names in the international transportation industry, Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to satisfy its customers in the best possible way as a result of its successful work with Qatar sea transportation services.

Would you like to receive professional sea transportation service? With the support of expert personnel in Qatar maritime transport service, you can transport your products by sea with peace of mind.

We provide road, sea and air services with our extensive agency network in Middle East Ports. We do not carry Door – Port within our seaway services. We specialize in container shipping service of 40 HC, 40 DC, 20 DC, OPen Top, Flat Track, Reefer.

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Qatar Sea Freight

In our maritime transports to Qatar, we carry out planned import and export transports with containers with our professional team.

Fresh vegetables and fruits for 12 transit periods between Mersin – Hamad (Doha Port); We offer dry cargo transportation service. In our maritime transports to Qatar, we carry out planned import and export transports with containers with our professional team. Our sea container transportation to Qatar includes domestic transportation and local services.

We carry Qatar sea transportation with affordable freight rates from the ports of provinces such as Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, Gebze, Kocaeli, Iskenderun, Bursa and Yalova.

You can get support from our expert staff to learn about Qatar freight rates. As Respected Ones; We offer Qatar sea and road services.

Thanks to Qatar sea transportation service, dozens of loads can be transported at one time. In this way, there is no loss of time for your cargo, your commercial activities continue as quickly as possible, and buyers can reach the products in a very short time. Moreover, all these privileges become even more special with the economical shipping prices of Saygınlar Nakliyat.

Our company carries out transportation from Mersin Port to Hamad Port in Doha every week, and the process can be easily managed by our professional team in the field of sea transportation and Qatar transportation.

With our regular cargo service, your cargo is delivered to Hamad Port in a quality and safe manner. Our teams follow the process from beginning to end and provide you with information at every stage.

Our deliveries are made in a maximum of 14 days from the time of loading.

Qatar Sea Freight Container Dimensions

Container Dimensions: 20’dc 40’dc 40’hc
Internal length – 5.9 m 11.9 m 11.9 m
İç yükseklik – 2.3 m 2.3 m 2.6 m
Internal width – 2.3 m 2.3 m 2.3 m

Qatar Sea Freight Freight Prices

Freight prices were a term used only in the field of maritime transportation in the past. Although it is also used for road transportation prices today, it should be noted that its main place is sea transportation.

Qatar sea transportation freight prices vary depending on the size, weight and destination port of the cargo.

Sayginlar Nakliyat, which has managed to become one of the leading names in the sector and constantly serves new customers with its quality services, offers the most affordable prices in the market in terms of Qatar maritime freight rates.

For detailed information about our services and Qatar maritime freight rates, you can reach our company from our call center contact information.

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Qatar Refrigerated Transport

We are the leader in Qatar Refrigerated transportation service with its temperature-controlled systems in cold transportation and the latest model vehicle fleet. Most of the Reefer trailers in our vehicle fleet are high-end models and equipped with the latest technology.

We offer cold chain distribution service to all cities of Qatar, especially Doha / Qatar.

You need a refrigerated vehicle when transporting products such as meat products, fruits and vegetables, plants, flowers, canned food, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate and saplings.

These products, which need to be shipped safely, must be transported with care. Our Qatar refrigerated vehicles have all the necessary cooling equipment, and deliver your products from the sender to the recipient in a safe manner.

With CMR insurance, the trailers of our safe and fast Qatar refrigerated vehicles arrive in Qatar regularly every week. Our Termoking-frigo trailer vehicles have heat preservation and our trailers have a completely technological infrastructure.

In this way, we deliver products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, food products, and raw materials undamaged and on time with our vehicles that are fully preserved and protected by Qatar refrigerated transportation.

We safely entrust your products at maximum -18 and +20 degrees, and we carefully ensure that your products are kept at the required temperature.

One of the most sought-after service areas in the shipping field is refrigerated transportation services.

Serving from Turkey to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Balkans, Saygınlar Nakliyat manages to be a sought-after and reference-setting name in Qatar refrigerated transportation services.

In order to ensure that your cargoes reach their destination safely and to obtain the service quality you are looking for at affordable prices, the only thing you need to do is to reach our company’s contact information and request service.

Qatar Doha Reefer Shipping

Our reefer vehicles, whether you have a positive demand or a negative transportation need. Our vehicles are capable of transporting your loads with trailers with all the necessary technical competence.

We also offer refrigerated transportation services on a planned and contract basis. You will realize your privilege with Saygınlar Transport.

Our operation staff informs the relevant customer of the daily location information of all our loaded vehicles via e-mail, and you can learn all the details about our vehicles at any time via telephone support.

You can find the best solution for your Qatar reefer shipping needs with us.

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Qatar Road Transport

When reaching Qatar by road, our vehicles leave the Gürbulak Border Gate and reach Iran and from there to Qatar. A route such as Bazargan, Bushehr Port, Al Ruwais Qatar Port can be followed.

In this context, our partial transportation, dry cargo transportation or refrigerated transportation services continue with the same quality,

It is possible to transport all kinds of cargo to Qatar if the Qatar transportation processes are well calculated and planned. Our company, which has been serving in the sector for more than 20 years, is involved in the whole process as soon as you reach our call center, and it is clarified how you can deliver your cargo to Qatar in the easiest and fastest way.

In Qatar, your cargo can be transported to everywhere, especially Doha, Umm BabAl, Wakrah, Khor, Al Khuwayr.

Qatar Shipping Route

A vehicle loaded from Istanbul enters Iskenderun Port via Ankara. Operation processes are programmed and followed by the operations team in our head office in accordance with the departure dates of the Hatay RORO Ship.

Our operations team regularly informs our customers about ship departures abroad and vehicle road conditions.

Katar nakliye hizmeti sunduğumuz şehirler:

  • Doha
  • Umm BabAl
  • Wakrah
  • Umm Sa’idAl
  • Khor
  • Umm Salal ‘Ali
  • Al Khuwayr
  • Umm Salal Muhammed
  • Ar Rayyan
  • Er Rüveys
  • Dukhan

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Qatar Shipping Times

Qatar shipping transit times are 6-7 days. Based on normal weather conditions and normal waiting times at customs. You are informed about the timing.

Operations that affect the extension of time, such as weather conditions, road conditions and natural events, are provided by us by planning with your knowledge before transportation.

Generally, we deliver your cargoes quickly and safely within 10 days. In the transportation we carry out, a certain amount of damage and loss is covered by the CMR insurance of the vehicle against accidents and risk situations of the loads carried by our vehicles.

Where is Qatar?

Qatar, or officially the State of Qatar (Arabic: دولة قطر, State of Qatar), is a Persian Gulf country located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. Its only land border neighbor is Saudi Arabia, and its other sides are surrounded by the Persian Gulf.


Qatar Sea Transportation

Qatar Transport Trains

Rail transport is one of the oldest types of logistics. The biggest disadvantage of railway transportation, which is considered less costly and safer than other types of transportation, is the limited delivery areas.

Therefore, if there is a railway in the delivery area, using railway transportation is one of the most suitable options.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we always try to provide the best quality, fast, safe and economical shipping services. For this reason, we are trying to deliver our cargo to its buyers with Qatar transport trains.

With various agreements we have made, we carry out freight transportation with open or closed wagons in different countries and Qatar. You can easily contact our expert team to find out at what levels and how you can receive service from Qatar transport trains.

With Qatar transport trains, we can transport your cargo to all railway cities of Qatar. Shipments from Turkey to Qatar are mostly made by sea, and your cargo reaching Qatar by sea can reach their final buyers faster and more easily thanks to our agreements here.

One of the advantages of railway transportation is the price, and your cargo is not affected by weather conditions and traffic conditions.

More loads can be transported at once, and loads can be easily delivered to a single buyer or multiple buyers. Your heavy tonnage loads are also easily delivered to their recipients. Our company provides all the necessary assistance and convenience.