Lebanon Shipping

Lebanon Shipping

Thanks to our successful work in Lebanon transportation services, we manage to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With Saygınlar Transportation, you will carry out your cargo transportation to the Middle East, Balkans, Asia and European countries safely and achieve your expectations in the best possible way.

The transportation sector is a service field that requires seriousness and sensitivity, as well as experience and expertise. In order to be successful in this field, it is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction first.

In our successful transportation services to Middle Eastern countries, we give our priority to the satisfaction of our customers and do our best to meet their expectations.

The prices we offer specifically in Lebanon transportation services and the discipline we show in our work affect our customers’ evaluations as the factors that most influence their adoption of the Saygınlar Nakliyat brand.

Advantageous Lebanon Transportation Services

Sayginlar Nakliyat, leaving behind 11 years of experience, we continue to offer the highest quality service our customers are looking for.

In addition to the service quality we offer, our price compliance is extremely reassuring for our customers.

This affects us to become a sought-after brand in Lebanon transportation services.

By evaluating the services we offer within the framework of trust, quality and affordable price policy, you can ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely.

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Lebanon partial shipping

Lebanon Transport Services

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, which knows no boundaries in service with years of experience and experience, we offer you much more than you expect in Lebanon transportation services.

You can evaluate the advantages of Saygınlar Transportation by evaluating the privilege we offer to our customers in our full load transportation, partial transportation, heavy load transportation and refrigerated transportation services.

You can get detailed information by contacting our company’s contact information, where you can find much more than what you are looking for in unlimited customer satisfaction.

Lebanon Complete Transportation

We offer much more than what our customers are looking for in complete transportation services. Sayginlar Nakliyat, which meets your expectations in the best way in service quality, has managed to become one of the sought-after names in the field of complete transportation in Lebanon with its years of experience. You will find what you are looking for in the transportation services we provide on certain days of the week to Lebanon, where exports are made frequently.

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Lebanon refrigerated shipping

Lebanon Partial Transport

Partial transportation is the name given to dividing the vehicle and sharing it with different customers. The fact that the services we offer in this field are of high quality and focused on customer satisfaction influences our customers to choose us for their partial transportation needs.

Our company where you can find much more than you expect; It completes the customs clearance procedures after safely transporting the cargo at the pickup points.

After that, it takes action to arrive at the designated points in Lebanon. In our company, where you can find the service quality you are looking for in Lebanon partial transportation services, you will get the best quality services with affordable prices and easy payment options.

With our expert field team, young vehicle fleet and trained drivers, we provide all of our Turkey-Lebanon transportation services reliably with CMR Insurance.

Aiming to establish long-lasting relationships with customers, Saygınlar Transport carries out its activities in line with the wishes of the customers.

Partial transportation, in which a vehicle is divided among more than one customer, is one of the transportation services that has important details and should be carefully considered.

Partial transportation, in which a vehicle is divided among more than one customer, is one of the transportation services that has important details and should be carefully considered.

Just as we carry out export road cargo transportation from Turkey to Lebanon, we also offer transit and two-way transportation services to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Lebanon Partial Transport Route

Lebanon is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. It is a Middle Eastern country bordering Syria and Israel.

In international trade activities between Turkey and Lebanon, in addition to sea transportation, partial transportation is also carried out by road.

Partial Transportation is one of the most preferred and should be methods considering today’s economy, as it minimizes transportation costs.

We reach Lebanon by passing from Mersin, Adana and Gaziantep to Aleppo. Lebanon cities where we offer partial transportation service:

Beirut Antelias Barouk
Aintoura Jieh Jieh
Tyre Baabda Batroun
Qana Aley Aley
Naqqash Kahale Mish Mish
El Mina Miniare Dimane
Rashaiya Al Rafid Enfeh
Chekka Dimane Kobayat

Lebanon Partial Shipping Times

We carry out our partial work in Lebanon using three types of routes: road, sea and air.

In this way, we continue to receive admiration and appreciation from our customers by keeping our arrival times below average and delivering in a short time.

We always keep in touch with the customer and make special plans in Lebanon partial transportation transactions.

In this regard, it varies depending on the type of cargo carried, the preferred transportation method, the region where the cargo will be transported, weather conditions and customs procedures.

Generally, we deliver your cargo reliably to the delivery points within 10 days. We ensure that both our company and our customers save time by using time correctly with our expert staff.

With perfect customer service support and regular information service, you can easily find out where your cargo is and its status.

You can contact us 24/7 to get more detailed information about Lebanon Partial Shipping time.

Lebanon Partial Transportation Prices

Calculations in partial transportation, which is included in road transportation; It is made using cubic meter, weight and lap meter calculation measurements.. M3 calculation of partial load is Width x Length x Height x Quantity.

Lebanon Partial Transportation prices may vary depending on the nature of the cargo or goods, the distance between two countries and regions, the volume and tonnage of the cargo and goods, customs procedures and many different services.

Saygınlar Nakliyat offers the most affordable price advantages to our valued customers for partial transportation transactions between Lebanon and Turkey.

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Lebanon Refrigerated Transportation

Sayginlar International Tas, which offers Lebanon refrigerated transportation services from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Mersin, Hatay, Antalya. Ltd. Ltd. We regularly transport our vehicles to Tripoli Lebanon refrigerated Lebanon RORO flights from Mersin every week.

Our vehicle fleet consists of high model refrigerated vehicles. After performing the necessary maintenance before and after each service, our vehicles are at the loading point on time, in accordance with the planned loading dates.

After the exporter company completes the loading process of our vehicles, vehicle customs clearance and TIR closing procedures are carried out.

Later Our vehicles with Mersin RORO Tripoli arrives in Lebanon. Import customs completes customs in Tripoli, the port of arrival of the vehicles in Lebanon; delivers the cargo to the buyer. Import customs procedures are carried out by the company that will receive the importer’s cargo or its authorized customs agent.

We ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely with our vehicle fleet in the field of refrigerated transportation, also called cold chain transportation.

We carry out the maintenance and repair of the vehicles we use for Lebanon refrigerated transportation on time, and ensure that no problems occur while navigating the route.

This affects our customers’ choice of our company with confidence. You will achieve the best results with our company, where you can get much more than you expect in Lebanon refrigerated transportation services.

In refrigerated transportation service to Lebanon, our vehicles are of high model and quality to preserve your loads. We offer service to the cities of Tripoli, Beirut, Saida and Zahle in Lebanon with our Reefer trailer vehicles. In our refrigerated transportation to Lebanon, our vehicles pass as express and deliver your cargo to the buyer as soon as possible.

We are a company that has adopted the principle of ensuring that your Lebanon logistics transportation reaches our customers safely, on time and economically in a minimum time.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we are aware of providing service focused on the satisfaction of our customers and long-term lasting relationships.

Thanks to the care we have shown in transportation to Lebanon, our vehicles equipped with a technologically parallel infrastructure and our expert staff, we are a candidate to be a leading company in Lebanon heavy transportation on an international basis.

The vehicles we will put into service are equipped to meet the import and export demands of Lebanon and all its provinces.

What is Refrigerated Transportation and How is it Done?

Packaged products that are not heat sensitive should be kept at 18 °C and above; chocolate, eggs and bakery products at a cool temperature between 15 °C and 18 °C; white meat, red meat, vegetables and fruits at a temperature between 4 °C and 8 °C; ice cream and frozen meat, fruit and vegetable products -18 °C to -26  It should be stored in the freezer between °C.

The domestic and international transportation of these products is possible with refrigerated transportation 

It is important to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, frozen products, and to preserve the freshness of products that require temperature control, such as medicines and chemicals, and ornamental plants.

Refrigerated transportation method is used in the transportation of these product groups.

Lebanon Shipping Transit Times

Temperature Values in Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated transportation is frequently preferred in both the food industry and the healthcare industry. Adjusting the temperature value of special tools or adding ice cubes is done according to the type of products. 

Companies engaged in refrigerated transportation take the following temperature values into account in food products:

  • Pear, apricot, quince, cherry-cherry, strawberry-raspberry, pomegranate, apple, nectar, plum, peach, fig, grape, gherkin: 1-3 °C
  • Okra, green pepper, tomato, beans, summer squash: 4.5-7.5 °C
  • Tomato, watermelon, melon, banana, eggplant: 7-10 °C
  • Cucumber, zucchini, chestnut, winter eggplant: 4.5-7 °C
  • Celery, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, radishes, spring onions: 0-1 °C
  • Peas, asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, figs, parsley, artichokes, corn, spinach, beets, leeks: 0-1 °C
  • Lemon, orange: 7-10 °C
  • Potatoes, early potatoes: 7-10 °C
  • Garlic, onion: 5 °C
  • Frozen meat products: max. -18 °C
  • Frozen bakery products: -12 °C-18 °C
  • Frozen vegetables and fruits: max. -18  °C
  • Frozen poultry products: max. -18 °C

Refrigerated Transport to Lebanon

of Lebanon To BeirutCity Our refrigerated vehicles carry out shipments in a luxurious manner in ISO 9001 Quality. Most of our vehicles are EURO 4 – EURO 5 Models.

We provide refrigerated transportation at international standards. Among the cargo we carry, we carry meat products, dairy products, canned goods, plants, flowers and ice cream.

Lebanon Road Refrigerated Transport

From Turkey via Syria due to the Syrian war Trucks could no longer go to Lebanon. The key to the search for a solution was the RORO ship. Vehicles started to arrive regularly from Mersin’s Taşucu Port – Tripoli (Tripoli) to the Lebanese port with RORO transportation.

Our RORO Ship and Refrigerator vehicles, which have been operating in this way for years, arrive between Taşucu Port and Tripoli Port within 24 hours. Depending on suitable weather conditions, cruises go without any interruption. In our refrigerated transportation, we generally safely transport products that need cooling such as vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, chocolate, canned goods and flammable products.

Lebanon Shipping Transit Times

Lebanon shipping times may vary as we load from different points in Turkey. Transit transportation, which is completed in an average of 10-15 days, may be disrupted from time to time due to adverse weather and road conditions.

Sometimes customs clearance processes can take longer, which also causes the deadlines to be exceeded.

In such cases, we warn our customers in advance and inform them about taking the necessary precautions.

To make the most of safe Lebanon transportation services and achieve the service quality you are looking for, all you need to do is to contact our company.

Transit Route in Lebanon Transport

Loading point, customs clearance procedures.>Vehicles are loaded onto the Mersin Taşucu RORO Ship.>Vehicles are unloaded at the>Destination Port, Tripoli. After the Customs Procedures are completed at Tripoli (Tripoli) Port, the vehicle departs for the delivery address. Transactions are carried out in accordance with the buyer’s instructions.

The buyer’s customs officer can go to the delivery address after completing the import customs procedures of the cargo in Tripoli. Lebanon transportation is completed when the buyer receives the cargo in accordance with the agreement.

Transportation Between Türkiye and Lebanon

Trust is important in the transportation industry, as in every business. Being aware of this, we do our best to ensure that the services we offer to our customers are reliable.

Thanks to the success we offer and our performance in transportation services between Turkey and Lebanon, we enable you to achieve the principle of quality in service in the best possible way.

You will have much more than you expect with Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has 11 years of experience in transportation services between Turkey and Lebanon.

The Right Address in Lebanon Transportation Services

Our company provides its services in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. Thanks to the quality we offer to our customers with our insured transportation services, you will be left with the peace and confidence of finding much more than what you are looking for.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has become one of the well-known and reference-setting names in the sector, makes a name for itself primarily with the trust it gives to its customers.

You can contact our company via the contact information and get detailed information about our services and detailed information about Lebanon transportation prices.

Lebanon transportation companies play an important role in the transportation sector in Turkey. Lebanon’s Beirut Port, called the pearl of the Middle East, is known by everyone.

Mainly exports from Turkey to Lebanon are made to Beirut City. Our vehicles go to this city, where trade is intense, by RORO ships, landing at the Tripoli / Lebanon port.

Saygınlar Nakliyat has been providing its expertise in Lebanon transportation for years and producing the best solutions for its customers.

Our Lebanon Transport Solutions

  • Alternative road route created for fast cargo shipment (RORO Transportation)
  • Our drivers assist customers in a professional manner
  • Our quality service and favorable freight policies
  • Our self-owned vehicles are CMR insured
  • Regular reporting of vehicle locations
  • Documentation process with expert team

Lebanon Import Shipping

Saygınlar Nakliyat offers you the advantages of being a self-employed company in Lebanon. Do not worry about how the cargo you want to import from Lebanon will be transported, Saygınlar is always with you.

One phone call is all it takes: We carry all your import, export and transit cargo to Lebanon. When our vehicles carrying export cargo to Lebanon unload their cargo, they load import cargo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lebanon Shipping?

How to Determine Lebanon Shipping Prices?

Lebanon Transportation prices are determined by taking into account the tonnage, volume and dimensions of the goods and products to be transported.

Which are the Lebanon Transport Companies?

Saygınlar Nakliyat is one of the leading companies with its experience since 2001.