Israel Transportation

Israel Transportation

Trade volume between Turkey and Israel has always been intense. We carry out your transportation operations professionally with our expert team in Israel transportation.

The main products exported between Turkey and Israel are passenger cars, iron and steel products, insulated cables and wires.

The main imported products are petroleum oils, propylene polymers, electric power generation groups. For this intensity to proceed in a planned manner, you need to work with the company that offers the best logistics solutions.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which offers robust load delivery service with its ISO 9001 Certified C2 Certified, Trademark Registration Certificate among the companies that carry out transportation activities in Israel, is always with you.

Saygınlar, which carries out the road transportation of export cargo from Turkey to Israel with its expert team, offers solutions that foresee delivery on the specified date in accordance with the demands of the customers.

Transportation is the name given to the process of moving cargo from one point to another. This sector provides two different services as domestic and international.

Saygınlar Nakliyat is a corporate company that actively serves in the field of international transportation with 11 years of experience and experience.

Our company, which provides transportation services, realizes the smooth and reliable delivery of your transactions and cargoes as promised to its customers.

Our professional team, with which we continue to work together in Israel transportation service, provides the necessary support in every subject that our customers need with years of experience.

Within the scope of the service it offers, it deals sensitively with all the details required during customs procedures, authorization documents, all paperwork and extra service services.

We are always at your side with our correct planning and practical solutions so that our customers do not encounter any problems during transportation.

İsrail Nakliye Hizmetlerimiz

  • Proje Taşımacılığı – Lowbed – Ağır Nakliye TeslimatlarıHaftalık Ambarlı Liman’dan Parsiyel ServisFull TIR Taşımacılığı (Karayolu + RORO)Tek Yön Servis Hizmeti ile Lowbed, Silobaz, Tanker, İş Makinası Taşıması

Saygınlar Nakliyat, in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, we provide project transportation, heavy transport transportation and Israeli transportation service with our special lowbed vehicles. With our refrigerated vehicle options and tented vehicle fleet, we safely deliver your dry cargo to the delivery points. We carry out the transportation of your import and export cargoes to Israel with our experienced team and equipped vehicles or sea transportation. Our company, which has been operating for many years and specializes in Israel Logistics, provides logistics services to all regions of Israel. With our expert staff and operation team in the field, we realize the International Transportation and Logistics service in the fastest, safest, undamaged and healthy way.

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Road Transportation to Israel

From Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir regions to Israel Haifa Port, we realize the cargoes coming from Europe and America with transit transfer. Our expert team manages this operational process correctly.

They organize the documents required in Israel and inform you which documents are required. We deliver the road transportation from Mersin Port to Haifa / Israel port by RORO Ship.

In order for these processes to proceed quickly and accurately, our team follows and finalizes the works in the right place at the right time with all their efforts.

Israel Route: A vehicle loading from Istanbul arrives at Sakarya – Düzce – Bolu – Ankara – Aksaray – Mersin Port RORO – Haifa Port.

Israel Shipping Route

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which keeps technology at the highest level and always makes significant investments in technological infrastructure with an innovative perspective, provides services by using the most effective transportation models to meet the needs of its customers. We provide heavy transportation service with our young and dynamic lowbed vehicle fleet.

Thanks to its wide agency network, our company offers port-to-port, door-to-door transportation and door-to-port solutions with maritime container transportation to many different regions of the world.

We offer project transportation services to regions that require engineering and are the most difficult to reach due to their geographical location.

The route of trucks loading from Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul – Gebze – Sakarya – Bolu – Ankara – Aksaray – Mersin Port – Haifa / Israel Port. Some cities we offer Israel transportation service:

Tel AvivHolonRişon Letsiyon
EylatAşkelonRamat Gan
NasıraBat YamHadera
AkkaPetah TikvaBney Brak

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how many days by ship from turkey to israel

Israel Transportation Prices

While providing quality service to our customers, our company also offers you advantages in price determination in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our drivers who have all the necessary documents in the transportation sector, our experienced team who have a good command of customs points and our experienced team provides you with the necessary support for the preparation of the requested documents in a short time.

Pricing in Israel transportation services may vary according to your needs and requests.

It is possible to get a clear price by specifying the type of your cargo or material, the packaging type and transportation dimensions of the material, the invoice price of the material, the loading description, how the material can be placed, the loading address of the material, the loading customs and delivery address and other features.

You can contact us 24/7 to get detailed and clear information about Israel transportation prices.

Israel Maritime Transportation

Mersin Port, which is one of the closest and largest ports to Israel, is used in our Israel maritime transportation practices.

We accept cargo to Mersin Port from anywhere in Turkey by road or sea. Your cargoes collected in Mersin are transported to Haifa Port of Israel by RO-RO.

After reaching Haifa Port by sea transportation, your cargoes proceed according to your preference.

If you wish, our transportation process can be terminated by customs delivery at the destination, or if you wish, delivery can be made to the address of the last buyer by road in whichever city he/she is in.

We deliver to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eylat, Nazareth, Acre, Netanya, Jaffa, Ramia, Holon, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Petah Tikva, Hadera and all other cities of Israel.

Israel Vessel Shipping

We always prefer the safest and fastest ways in the logistics services we provide between Israel and Turkey. We also prefer the most ideal type of transportation.

In this field, we carry out our transportation by ships, especially since Israeli ship transportation is more advantageous than others.

The fact that both Turkey’s and Israel’s conditions are favorable for Israel ship transportation is the biggest advantage of both countries.

Since our country is surrounded by seas on three sides, cargo can be shipped to our nearest port to Israel from all ports of Turkey or by road.

As Saygınlar, we try to produce solutions for every need in the sector, we continue our applications such as project transportation, weekly partial service from the port with warehouse, full truck transportation, lowbed, construction machinery, silobase, tanker transportation with one-way service.

Israel Container Prices

Israeli container prices vary according to various factors. We can list the main issues that affect pricing as follows:

  • The net distance between the pick-up address and the delivery address is one of the main factors.
  • The type of cargo directly determines the type of transportation, and the price may vary according to the type of transportation. For example, specially equipped vehicles are used for refrigerated transportation, which also affects the price.
  • The weight and volume of the cargo is another determinant in prices.

When you reach our call center, our relevant department will ask you for details about your need for an Israeli logistics company, and then they will prepare a clear price offer as soon as possible.

Since our aim since day one has been to combine quality with budget-friendly prices, you will be offered the most ideal Israeli container prices under market conditions.

How Many Days Does Turkey Israel Ship Transportation Take?

One of the most curious questions in the sector is how many days does it take to ship transportation from Turkey to Israel.

Transportation times may vary according to the type of cargo, transportation method, regions where the cargo will be transported, customs procedures, paperwork procedures, weather conditions.

Our company always tries to make the fastest deliveries in Turkey Israel shipping times, in general, our transportation processes are completed between 4-6 days.

Israel Sea Ports

  • Ashdod.
  • Ashkelon.
  • Hadera.
  • Haifa.
  • Jaffa.
  • Tel-Aviv.

Israel Partial Transportation

Partial transportation literally means not all, part. The logistics of transporting different customers and different loads on the same route with the same truck, van or truck is called partial transportation.

Our company, Turkey – Israel as import and export between Turkey and Israel as mutual, complete and partial transportation service provides trouble-free service.

With our strong cooperation with Israel, we deliver your cargo on time and in full.

In addition to our regular partial transportation services to Israel, we also offer complete transportation and heavy transportation services to Israel. Partial transportation types are:

Road: It is the most preferred transportation type. Distribution is made in accordance with RUT planning using land vehicles. Loading is done at the door or at the warehouse.

Air freight: Generally, partial cargoes are transported. Loading is done at the airport or airport.

Seaway: There are two different transportation options as container and open cargo. Ships load partial cargoes from bonded ports in Turkey.

Railroad: It is a method that is generally not preferred. Transportation cost is created by renting a part of the wagon and shipments are realized in this way.

Frigo Shipping to Israel

Frigo transportation, transportation operations carried out with equipped vehicles with refrigerators that can be adjusted between 18 °C and -26 °C are called frigo transportation.

Cold transportation is also referred to as cold food transportation, cold chain transportation and climate-controlled transportation. Therefore, we always work customer-oriented in frigo transportation operations that require precision and meticulousness.

We carry out the transportation and delivery of your food and frozen products in import and export with our mega tented vehicles as well as our refrigerated refrigerated vehicles at the desired degree and under your follow-up.

We carry out regular export and import transportation of textile, white goods, chemicals, medical equipment, heavy industry products, automotive, food products, building and construction products, furniture, machinery, iron and steel products between Turkey and Israel.

Israel Heavy Freight Transport

The transportation of loads that are technically too big and heavy to be transported by normal trucks or trucks is called heavy cargo transportation.

When choosing this transportation process, you need to take care in choosing a company. It is one of the most special categories of the transportation sector and requires intensive engineering knowledge.

Our company has taken part in many projects with its transportation service to Israel, equipped vehicles and practical solutions and has achieved successful results.

We realize the heavy cargo transportation service to Israel with our trained and experienced expert drivers. Our company, which changes vehicles and trailers according to the load in Israel transportation operations, takes all necessary precautions regarding the transportation route.

Before the transportation service to Israel is carried out, the route is checked by our personnel in charge and action is taken according to the information provided.

In Israel heavy cargo transportation, our company offers you services with its expert and experienced staff, wide and young vehicle fleet, ISO 9001 quality certificate and CMR insurance privilege.

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frigo shipping to Israel

Israel Logistics Companies

Israel logistics companies are one of the most basic needs of businesses and individuals who carry out commercial activities between the two countries. As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we have been serving in this field for more than ten years.

We carry out all of our operation processes with an experienced, trained and dedicated team, thus helping your cargo to reach the final recipient without any problems.

We organize all the documents required for the cargoes to be sent to Israel and assist in paperwork and other transactions.

We fully share our experience and knowledge with you and ensure that your logistics needs are met in the fastest and easiest way.

Wherever you have cargo to go from Turkey to any city in Israel, we help you with world-class work.

Israel Transportation Times

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we create special plans for you with our expert staff and we ensure that both our company and our customers save time by using the time correctly. Israel transportation time is carried out within 4-6 days.

In this direction, the time may vary depending on the type of cargo or goods transported, the preferred transportation method, the region where the cargo will be transported, weather conditions, extra procedures such as customs and documents.

You can contact us 24/7 to get detailed information about Israel transportation time.

Mersin Israel RO-RO

In our Mersin Israel RO-RO applications, we always fulfill our work with the assurance of CMR Insurance. We provide high quality services as required by our ISO 9001 Certificate. We offer support for all your paperwork, and since we regularly transport to Israel, we deliver all kinds of your cargo to the final buyer.

With our young vehicle fleet and trained drivers, we offer high quality services without damaging your cargo at any stage.

We shape our organization details according to your needs, crown all these privileges with budget-friendly prices and become the constant address of your logistics needs in Israel.

Israel Transportation Services Current Information

Israeli transportation vehicles and drivers, which proceed in a controlled manner, work in accordance with covid-19 measures. Likewise, incoming Israeli license plate vehicles and drivers have started to be taken to Turkey in a controlled manner.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which cares about this process, its team and you, works by minimizing the risk and problem with the protective clothing and equipment to be used by our team under the necessary conditions. You can contact us to get quality, fast and safe service in Israel transportation.