Iran Shipping

Iran Shipping

Iran Transportation carries out the logistics needs within the borders of Iran from Turkey and all countries of the world with the help of trucks, containers, wagons, planes, ships and trains by road transportation, sea transportation, air transportation and railway transportation.

  • Our offer includes 0-20 tons of curtainsider vehicles and vehicles with Turkish license plates (truck / lorry). We strongly recommend that it be transported with a vehicle with a Turkish license plate. We provide insured transportation services that will cover the international CMR convention.
  • In Turkey-Iran transportation, vehicles with Iranian license plates provide service at a cost of $1000 to $800 below that of vehicles with Turkish license plates.

In our company, where we continue to satisfy our customers with many years of knowledge and experience in the field of transportation services abroad, offering solutions suitable for every need creates convenience and trust for our customers, and causes justified pride of growth for our company.

Our company is one of the reliable, respected and reference-setting names in the sector, where you can get much more than you expect, as we master all the important stages such as delivering the loads at the promised time depending on the transportation transit times, preparing official documents, picking up the customer loads and delivering them to the address where they should be delivered.

We deliver your dry cargo safely with our refrigerated vehicle options and awning vehicle fleet. We are using our experience in the Middle East, where we have been working for years.

  • Iranian Partial on Wednesdays & Thursdays
  • Road Full Truck Iran Transportation
  • Customs clearance, document management in Iran
  • Iran Storage Services
  • Dry Cargo Transportation
  • Frigo (Food Products, Raw Materials)

We professionally offer road, air and sea transportation services with our Iran logistics services.

Iran Shipping Prices

  • We generally determine Turkey>Iran shipping prices according to the import and export situation, while the average freight from Istanbul > Tehran is 2,500 USD.
  • We transport from Iran>Tehran to Istanbul for around 2,000 USD.
  • The most important factor in transportation is supply / demand. core/classic-block
  • The average round trip money collected by the transporter is 4,500 USD. 
  • This excludes taxes on imports and exports. 
  • Fuel, highway and driver allowances are included in the freight. 
  • Transit time is 5/6 days to arrive. 
  • Tonnage limit is 24,000kg.
  • Our awning / refrigerated / partial exits are regular, every Thursday and Friday.

Please inquire about the authorization certificate of the company you will be transporting, C2 Authorization Certificate is required. It is provided by the Ministry of Transport

Many factors are shown as factors in determining shipping prices. The multitude of loads, the route to be taken, the city to be delivered to in Iran and many other factors are considered as factors in determining Iran transportation prices. Therefore, it is not possible to give a clear price.

To benefit from our services and get clear information about our prices, you can reach our company through our call center contact information and get the results you are looking for in the best way.

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Türkiye Iran Shipping Route

The load to be shipped to our self-owned vehicle or a foreign plated Iranian truck, which is present on the loading day at the loading site, is loaded onto the vehicle correctly, accompanied by the loading officer.

The vehicle driver follows the process by counting the materials at the time of loading. Documents are delivered to the driver during the customs shipment process.

The cargo of the vehicle arriving at customs is cleared by the authorized customs officer of the exporting company. Truck registration is carried out by the personnel authorized by our company.

The exit door is usually It is the Doğu Beyazıt Customs Gate. The loading place is>Doğu Beyazıt Customs>Bazargan>Delivery place. Türkiye>Iran road transportation The route is like this.

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Iran Shipping Transit Transport Time

Iran Türkiye Shipping Prices

Konya – Bazargan3000 $
Gaziantep – Tehran3300 $
Istanbul – Bazargan3200 $
Tekirdağ – Bender İmam4700 $

While providing quality service to our customers, we also act flexibly regarding prices in order to achieve their satisfaction.

You can have much more than you expect in our company, where we combine years of knowledge and experience as the address of quality and trust with the benefits of technology.

Thanks to our drivers who have all the necessary documents in transportation, and our team who is familiar with the customs points and is experienced in preparing the required documents in a short time, we ensure that your cargo is delivered in a healthier and more reliable way when it is supposed to be delivered.

Tehran Shipping

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the most densely populated region of the country with its crowded population.

In this city, which is developed in almost every field, Tehran transportation activities have become quite widespread. Our company Saygınlar Nakliyat, which is very experienced in logistics tracking of the region, offers you guaranteed transportation services with the leading transportation methods of the sector.

Our company, which gives you a guarantee within the scope of CMR insurance in case of possible damage that may occur during transportation, provides you with a permanent transportation experience with transit, partial and complete transportation services.

  • Regional experience and safe service approach
  • Airways transporting
  • Quality reference network

Bazargan Transport

Bazargan city, located 3 km from the Turkish border, is one of the most important logistics cities between Iran and Turkey.

Bazargan is an important trade center as it is a common point between the two countries. In the region, also known as West Azerbaijan by the local people, a large part of the population consists of Azerbaijanis.

As our company Saygınlar Nakliyat, which is the right address for your Bazargan transportation services, we offer you 100% safe and comfortable transportation services.

Our company, which has grown thanks to the references it has established in the logistics sector with the principle of customer continuity, offers unique services with its experienced personnel in Iran-Turkey border line transportation.

In your Bazargan transportation business, we deliver your complete and partial cargo door-to-door, thanks to our daily, weekly and monthly transportation services.

  • Door to door shipping services
  • Experienced road transport
  • Service network in 60 countries

Iran Shipping Times

As our company serving in the transportation sector, we warn its customers that transportation times may be extended or shortened depending on certain terms and conditions.

The delivery time for cargo purchased from Turkey to Iran also varies depending on certain conditions.

It is obvious that the arrival time of the cargo purchased from Istanbul and the cargo purchased from Van will not be the same. Road conditions, extraordinary situations, driver’s rest time, and waiting times at customs are taken into consideration.

All these details are shared with the customer in detail to prevent any disruption or misunderstanding.

Acting with the principles of quality and trust in Iran transportation services, Saygınlar Nakliyat acts in accordance with its mission and vision to ensure that its customers are satisfied and to build their trust.

Iran Partial Transport

Sayginlar Logistics, Iran offers you service with its many years of experience in partial transportation. Our systematic work in partial transportation service between Turkey and Iran offers you various conveniences.

Our services are carried out with ISO 9001 Quality with our self-owned vehicles in partial, complete and project transportation to Iran, Turkey’s neighbor. Our staff is trained in Iran partial transportation and we provide fast, reliable services with our large vehicle fleet.

Saygınlar Logistics, which is institutionalized among the companies operating partially in Istanbul – Iran and fully responds to the needs of its customers, keeps your transportations under constant control on a programmed basis.

Istanbul   We actively offer weekly Iranian partial services to cities in Iran such as Bazargan, Tabriz, Urmia, Isfahan, Mashhad, Khoy, Qom, Kerec, Kirman, Kermanshah..

Since Iran, where most of the cargo is transported from Turkey, is our close neighbor, we must say that we are more in the markets there.

Offering partial transportation services in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, Saygınlar Nakliyat acts in accordance with all the necessary security measures and all the rules that must be followed in order to protect the safety of customers’ goods and to ensure safe transportation to the point to be reached in the shortest time.

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Transporters working to Iran

Iran Partial Transportation Prices

We have different studies on Iran partial transportation prices. Among these works, the piece-shaped goods transportation model developed by leading companies is used.

If you want to have your belongings transported in pieces, you should contact our transportation company. In this sense, our company offers solutions to the transportation needs of our customers who have different customers’ belongings in the same truck to a close location.

There are also different working models in the field of transportation. After your belongings are carefully packaged, they are positioned in the correct places inside the trucks to prevent any impact.

If items are not in the correct areas, items may fall on them as the vehicle changes position depending on the road condition during the journey. Therefore, it seems like a simple but important issue.

Iran Partial Transportation Points

Our company offers partial transportation services to many cities in Iran; It provides services to Iranian cities such as Bazargan, Tabriz, Tehran, Maku, Urmiya, Zanjan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Zahedan, Mashhad and Arak.

As we mentioned above, since the delivery time is longer in partial transportation services, we do not take action without giving clear information to our customers about the timing.

With our company, which you can trust in partial transportation to Iran and deliver your cargo reliably, you will get the service quality you are looking for, far beyond your expectations.

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iran heavy transportation

Iran Refrigerated Transport

Tehran is the capital of Iran and also takes its place among the World Trade Cities with an important position in Foreign Trade. Import – Export Companies located in Turkey generally load refrigerated vehicles to Tehran, Iran.

Products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat products, flowers (saplings), ice cream loaded from various provinces of Turkey are delivered to Tehran and other provinces such as Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom, Yazd, Kashan, Urmia and Hamadan in our air-conditioned vehicles.We deliver safely.

Our reefer vehicles comply with road transport standards, and our drivers are equipped to deliver cargo to Iran. Our self owned vehicles with Thermoking TIR are covered by CMR Insurance.

Transportation services are not a single type of transportation service. In addition to dry cargo transportation, there are also transportation of cold or frozen cargo.

Refrigerated transportation is carried out with specially designed vehicle bodies that can maintain the coldness.

With Saygınlar Nakliyat, which offers refrigerated transportation services from Turkey to Iran, you can get much more than you expect and realize the service quality you are looking for with the most affordable prices and easy payment options.

Our vehicles are ready to be loaded on the agreed day and date, in accordance with the sender’s instructions. Vehicles loaded by the sender are shipped to customs.

After the customs clearance procedures are completed, the necessary documents for import customs and road documents are delivered to the driver.

With all operations completed, the Frigo truck sets off to the unloading address. The truck exits at the Doğu Beyazıt Gate and enters Bazargan.

After completing the procedures at the entrance gate, it is shipped to the customs of the unloading point. After the import procedures are completed, the driver moves the vehicle to the delivery point. The driver who delivers the load safely completes the task.

Acting with an understanding of unlimited quality in service, our company, in addition to dry cargo transportation, also maximizes the expectations of its customers in the transportation of frequently exported cargo such as fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat products, flowers (saplings), ice cream, and whose safety must be kept at the highest level while exporting.It offers well.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is not only the capital but also one of the cities with a good market in the Middle East.

Our company, which provides regular transportation services here, offers refrigerated transportation services to well-known cities of Iran, such as.

  • Shiraz,
  • Tabriz,
  • Isfahan,
  • Mashhad,
  • Annual,
  • Yazd,
  • Kashan,
  • Urmia,
  • Hamadan

Our air-conditioned vehicles hit the road after all safety and malfunction maintenance are carried out before taking off. In this way, possible disruptions are prevented.

In addition, insured transportation of cargo in refrigerated transportation services is extremely important for customer trust.

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Iran road transportation

Iran Heavy Transport

Iran, which has a highway with our country, carries out advanced import and export processes with many countries, including our country.

With its developed domestic capital and reliable business lines, Iran maintains being one of the strategic points in the Middle East, giving confidence to many investors.

Many companies in our country continue their partnerships with Iran in this way.

As our company Saygınlar Transportation family, we continue to provide perfect services for our customers by carefully carrying out the Iran heavy transportation processes carried out through our country. Our company within the scope of heavy transportation services;

  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • Building and construction
  • Furniture

We provide transportation services in many areas you can think of, such as.

Iran Transit Shipping Times

Iran shipping process varies depending on the loading point in Turkey. The arrival time of the vehicle loaded from Istanbul and the export cargo loaded from Van is not the same. Distance differences and km between provinces are calculated, and the driver’s rest time is also added to this period.

Apart from these, the queue and density at customs gates are generally taken into consideration. A truck shipped from Mersin to Iran arrives in Tehran on average between 4-6 days. These transit periods are not valid in case of extraordinary circumstances, natural events and war.

The land transport vehicle loading from Turkey normally arrives from Istanbul to Tehran / Iran in 5-6 days. Factors affecting Iran transit times:

  • Road condition
  • Customs Status
  • Extraordinary Situations

Mersin Iran Transport

In Iran, where our commercial relations have been at the highest level for years, many logistics services are provided regionally from Anatolian lands.

Iran is a very actively used route due to the secure relations established in regional transportation business.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, the leading address of the sector that brings you Mersin Iran transportation services, offers you the fastest transit delivery guarantee.

Thanks to the experience of our experienced vehicle personnel at customs points, our complete validity certificates, the most suitable transportation options for the logistics industry, and our communication unit that provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we carry out your transportation transactions without any obstacles.

You can contact our expert team regarding your Iran transportation needs and get the necessary information.

  • Professional logistics opportunities
  • Maritime transport
  • 24/7 call center line

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mersin iran transportation companies

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Our Iran Logistics Works

Our company, which has been specializing in Iran Logistics for many years, is a company that provides logistics services to all regions of Iran, especially Tehran, with its self-sacrificing service approach.

We provide International Transportation & Logistics services in the healthiest way, without any damage, with the expert managers and operation staff in our office. 

Import-export and transit transportation from Turkey is generally done by road. Highway trucks going from Turkey to Iran generally deliver cargo to the center of Iran. Iran Transportation Partial TIR prices with Iranian plates load with more favorable freight conditions compared to Turkish vehicles.

Sea, Air, Land and Railway transportation methods are actively used. Saygınlar Logistics, which is among the transporters working to Iran, offers you the best solution with its wide agency network in all transportation types.

Where is Iran?

جمهوری اسلامی ایران (help·information) /Cumhuri-ye İslâmi-ye Iran), country in Southwest Asia. It is surrounded by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the south and the Caspian Sea to the north. Turkey has land borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Its capital is Tehran.


iran land transportation

Iran Türkiye Shipping

Iran, with which the commercial agreement is warm and where daily cargo is currently transported, is a much more active route than other routes because it is adjacent to our country.

Our company, which offers transportation services on this route, carries out the transactions reliably, as promised to its customers, and prevents them from being left behind.

Our vehicles, which are ready at the loading site on the loading day, start loading after completing the necessary official procedures. Our vehicle managers set out to go to customs after making the necessary checks during the loading process to avoid any disruptions.

After the necessary procedures are completed here, the Kapama truck registration is carried out by the personnel authorized by our company.

Istanbul Iran Transport

Within the scope of our Istanbul Iran transportation services, we offer you the highest quality transportation opportunities at the most affordable prices.

Within the scope of our transparent price policies, our experienced technical team works periodically to offer you the most accurate options by conducting professional market research.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we continue to specialize in the sector, thanks to the positive feedback from you. We produce permanent solutions for your transportation needs from Istanbul to Iran with our advanced infrastructure.

We carry out partial departures every day from Istanbul, which is one of the most important centers of shipments from Turkey and European countries to Iran.

We provide transportation services to all over Iran, especially Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kerec, Bazargan, Qom, Mehran, Mashhad, Shiraz and Ahvaz, with our staff with regional experience and language knowledge.

We do not compromise on product quality with our unique storage centers, and we handle Turkey and Iran customs procedures with our experienced staff.

  • rail transport
  • Shipment guarantee
  • Rent a truck service

Iran Road Transport

As Saygınlar Transportation family, we carry out our work with great seriousness and principle.

Road transportation processes require great care and attention, as in other transportation sectors. We carry out high-level work by perfectly coordinating the process from beginning to end with our experienced and expert technical team.

Providing perfect services in every sense to our valued customers is extremely important and valuable for our company.

You can also use Iran road transportation services; If you want to buy from a company that is successful in its field, experienced, provides quality service and is reliable, you are at the right place.

To get more detailed information about Iran transportation processes, you can contact our company via phone number.

Iran Sea Freight

As Saygınlar Transportation team, we offer ship transportation services as well as road transportation services in the logistics sector we are in.

We offer regular voyages at low costs by providing departures from many port points in line with the needs of our customers.

Our company maintains its leading position in the sector thanks to its continuous market research and regular follow-up system.

Our company adopts an innovative approach in Iran maritime transportation with low draft ships specially designed for maritime transportation.

Contact us to get Iran ship transportation processes from an experienced and knowledgeable company in its field. You can contact us now to get detailed information about sea transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shipping companies work to Iran?

With more than three generations of logistics experience, Saygınlar Logistics is the Leading Company of Iran Transportation Companies..

How to Determine Iran Shipping Prices?

Iran Transportation is determined by taking into consideration the weight, volume and type of the products and goods to be transported.