France Shipping

France Shipping

Our company, which has 11 years of experience in French transportation services, ensures that the cargo reaches its destination safely, both in pricing and at the promised time, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

In international transportation service, Saygınlar Transportation is preferred among land transportation companies with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, C2 Certificate, and French transportation TIR with its own fleet.

Providing professional services, our company distributes our weekly partial departures from Istanbul to the cities to which the main regions of Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse are connected, with our trucks and minivan vehicles.

With our strong agency located in France and our solid infrastructure, we offer deliveries such as out-of-gauge transportation, lowbed, project and complete vehicle transportation, with our strong structure that will serve our customers with peace of mind.

France Road Transport

Freight transportation is carried out from Turkey to France, especially by road. France road transportation service is carried out successfully by our company.

We always aim to deliver your cargo from the first point to the final recipient as quickly as possible. For this reason, we pay special attention to route selection and choose the fastest routes without compromising the quality of your cargo.

France in road transport service In particular, there are three alternative routes. In the first one, our vehicles leaving Kapıkule Border Gate travel to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and then France.

In the second one, our vehicles leaving the Hamzabeyli Border Gate proceed through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and then France.

On the third route, our vehicles leaving the İpsala Border Gate proceed through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and then France.

The needs and wishes of our customers determine which route will be chosen for road transportation. We always focus on the target by choosing what is safe and fast.

Although we take action from our warehouse areas to France in partial transportation, we can also depart from wherever you are in Turkey in applications such as heavy transportation and refrigerated transportation.

France Road Transport Prices

France road transportation fees vary depending on the distance our vehicles will travel. The mileage of our vehicle departing from Edirne today and the vehicle departing from Erzurum until it reaches Paris will be different.

Again, special equipment and hardware are required for special types of transportation such as refrigerated transportation, which causes changes in French road transportation fees.

When you reach our Saygınlar Nakliyat call center, our staff will ask for details and provide clear price information, and the price we will offer will always be the best in the market conditions.

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france land shipping

Türkiye France Shipping

There is exchange between Türkiye and France in many different areas. Additionally, there are many people from our country who have gone to France and settled or will settle there.

All of these cause great activity in the field of transportation between Türkiye and France.

As Saygınlar Transportation, we always provide solutions for both individual and corporate transportation needs with our wide vehicle fleet, expert staff and customer satisfaction basic principle.

From the moment you reach our call center, we base the entire process on solving your needs in the easiest way, with our experience.

Türkiye France Cities Where Transportation Service is Provided

We remove all borders in our Türkiye-France shipping practices. The fact that both Turkey and France are large countries can scare many people.

However, it is possible to provide transportation between all desired cities with a planned transportation process.

We can deliver the cargo we receive from every city in Turkey to Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nis, Nantes, Lille, Rennes, Reims, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Angers, Nimes, Tours, Brest, Pau, Calais and all other cities in the same way.

With our fully equipped vehicles, we manage to deliver your cargo to the final recipient in the same quality and safety as we received it.

France Partial Transport

Commercial relations between Türkiye and France have spread to many areas. For this reason, the loads that need to be transported can be in various areas, and accordingly, different types of transportation come to the fore.

One of the most common requests to our company is partial transportation to France.

Partial transportation is also called partial load transportation and is the most ideal type of transportation for those who do not have enough cargo to fill a complete vehicle.

The loads of different people going to the same route are transported with the same vehicle, and thus, you can easily send whatever amount of your load is to France.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we load your cargo, which is collected in our warehouses from all cities of our country, into our vehicles on certain days of the week and depart for France.

In this way, we can deliver your cargo to France regularly. After reaching the target country, we can distribute to all cities and deliver your cargo to the final recipient.

In our France partial transportation applications, loads destined for the same route are loaded into the same vehicle. In this way, our vehicles travel directly to the target,

Since they do not stop at other places, our transportation times are reduced to a minimum. Partial transportation costs are calculated according to the area your cargo covers, so it is the most economical type of transportation.

Saygınlar transportation stands out among international transportation companies in France Partial Transportation logistics services with its many years of industry experience and expertise.

France is one of the economically strong countries in Europe. France, the leading country in Europe, is a country that remains at the center of international transportation.

Automotive transportation, express transportation, sea transportation, partial load transportation and road transportation are carried out from France to Turkey.

Saygınlar Nakliyat provides world-class service in the French import and export field with its strong infrastructure, integrated solutions, expert staff and young self-owned fleet.

Thanks to our operations with alternative transportation options, we continue to produce practical solutions for different loads and routes.

Saygınlar transportation stands out among international transportation companies in France Partial Transportation logistics services with its many years of industry experience and expertise.

France is one of the economically strong countries in Europe. France, the leading country in Europe, is a country that remains at the center of international transportation.

Automotive transportation, express transportation, sea transportation, partial load transportation and road transportation are carried out from France to Turkey.

Saygınlar Nakliyat provides world-class service in the French import and export field with its strong infrastructure, integrated solutions, expert staff and young self-owned fleet.

Thanks to our operations with alternative transportation options, we continue to produce practical solutions for different loads and routes.

Our company delivers to France as soon as possible with its high-model vehicles controlled by experienced drivers.

We also provide project transportation services such as French export, import, transportation, international transportation, road, road partial, road complete truck, air transportation, sea transportation, heavy transportation and project transportation, lowbed transportation.

France Partial Transport Routes

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to be among the leading companies in the field of French transportation with its ISO 9001 quality certificate, C2 certificate, self-owned fleet and expert team with 11 years of experience in international transportation service.

We provide services between France and Turkey with our vehicles such as refrigerated, tilt, lowbed, flatbed, mega, trailer. We also offer practical solutions for your ADR vehicle needs in import shipments.

Our company, which provides professional service, regularly carries out partial departures with trucks and minivans every week.

France partial shipping route: Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria – Germany – France. Cities where we offer partial transportation services in France:

ToulouseLe HavreClermont-FerrandPerpignan

France Partial Shipping Times

We are proud to always be the French partial transportation company of companies that export and transit trade to France.

Saygınlar Transport, established with 100% Turkish capital; It provides transportation services between the Middle East, Turkic Republics and Europe with its young, dynamic and large self-owned vehicle fleets.

We always create a customer-specific plan for France partial transportation transactions.

It varies depending on the type of cargo to be transported, preferred transportation method, region and mileage to be transported, weather conditions and customs procedures.

Generally, we deliver your cargo to the delivery points quickly and safely within 10 days.

Until the France partial transportation service is completed, daily vehicle locations and load information are provided via e-mail by our operation personnel. If you wish, you can contact us 24/7 regarding all the issues you are curious about.

You can access the France Google Map here

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France Refrigerated Transport

One of the most popular transportation services we provide to France is France refrigerated transportation. It is referred to by different names such as refrigerated transportation, climate controlled transportation, and cold chain transportation.

Loads are transported at constant temperatures in special vehicles from the first loading point to the final recipient.

In refrigerated transportation, refrigerated vehicles can be adjusted between 18 degrees and -26 degrees and there must be air circulation in the trailer throughout the journey. For this reason, our drivers follow the process from the moment of loading.

We carry out transportation with our vehicles equipped with completely new generation coolers, and we adjust the temperature settings of our vehicles according to the type of your loads.

The most common products we carry with refrigerated transportation to France are fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental plants, frozen foods, health products and medical supplies.

Frozen products reach their buyers without any deformation, and fresh vegetables and fruits arrive in France preserving their freshness.

In this way, the shelf life does not decrease and buyers have fresh products. Each product has maximum temperature values during transportation, and these are determined according to international standards.

Our company also produces refrigerated transportation solutions at ideal temperatures, with well-equipped vehicles and expert teams.

France Heavy Transport

The loads that need to be transported to France can sometimes be out of standards and these are mostly transported by heavy transport.

In our French heavy transportation applications, non-standard loads are transported safely with the help of special equipment and vehicles.

Moreover, depending on need and demand, the service may not only include transportation but also include special services such as assembly, disassembly, storage and insurance.

Heavy transportation requires special vehicles, special equipment and professional teams. The vehicles used in applications must have different capabilities and designs for each type of load.

Since each country’s heavy transportation procedures may be different, the procedures of the destinations should be known. For this reason, not every transportation company can carry out heavy transportation.

Our company makes a difference in France’s heavy transportation needs with its well-equipped experience and team, and successfully carries all kinds of loads that require special equipment and equipment, especially the following loads:

  • Turbine,
  • Container construction site,
  • Sleep,
  • Boat,
  • power plants,
  • silos,
  • Truck,
  • Fair stands and equipment,
  • heavy vehicles,
  • Business Machines,
  • crane materials,
  • Construction and construction machinery,
  • pipelines,
  • bridge beams,
  • Steel cage constructions,
  • wheel cranes,
  • Generator,

France Lowbed Shipping

One of the most common needs for those who want to transport cargo from Turkey to France is heavy transportation. This is often referred to as lowbed in the transportation industry.

Although we can translate lowbed transportation as out-of-size transportation, what is meant is the same as heavy transportation.

The transportation of loads that cannot be carried by trucks or trailers is done with semi-trailers and these are called lowbeds.

Construction machines, trailers, tanks and other loads may damage the roads if used in cargo transportation. Moreover, the speed of these vehicles is quite low and driving on the roads causes traffic congestion.

For this reason, trailers called lowbeds are used to transport heavy loads. In the transportation industry, this is called lowbed transportation.

Many non-standard loads need to be transported from Turkey to France, and as Saygınlar Nakliyat, we produce professional solutions in the field of France Lowbed transportation.

We can adjust our vehicles, which have different designs and capabilities, according to the load, and we achieve problem-free transportation by knowing all the route information. We carry your heavy loads between desired points with our specially trained and experienced personnel in this field.

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France Shipping Prices

Calculations in partial transportation, which is included in road transportation; It is made using cubic meter, weight and ladameter calculation measurements.

M3 calculation of partial load is WIDTH x LENGTH x HEIGHT x Quantity.

France partial shipping prices; It may vary depending on the type of cargo or goods, the distance between the loading place and the unloading place, the route to be used, the tonnage of the cargo and many extra services.

When you examine fixed costs, there are cost items such as Green Insurance, Depreciation, Vehicle Insurance and Insurance.

Saygınlar Nakliyat offers customer-oriented pricing for export cargo from Turkey and at a level where you can compete and export in the international arena.

It offers you the most suitable freight advantages for partial transportation transactions of all capacities between Turkey and France.

Prices for Turkey – France export, import and transit cargo transportation are determined as follows:

  • Km distance between Loading Location – Unloading Location: ?

Route to be used: ?

  • If how many countries will be passed through, what are the costs?
  • There are factors such as the tonnage of the cargo and the type of goods.

When you examine fixed costs, there are cost items such as Green Insurance, Depreciation, Vehicle Insurance and Insurance.

Türkiye France shipping prices vary depending on various factors. For this reason, different prices are determined according to the details of each operation.

The most fundamental issue affecting Türkiye-France transportation prices is distance. Today, not every city in our country has the same distance to the French border, and every city in France has a different distance to our border.

Therefore, as the distance increases, the distance our vehicles will travel, the fuel they will consume, and personnel expenses will increase, which will be reflected in the prices.

Our shipping types are another factor on Türkiye-France shipping prices. For each type of transportation such as heavy transportation and refrigerated transportation, different equipment, equipment and vehicles must be used, and these naturally change prices.

All cargo going to France is the same weight or size. For this reason, the dimensions of your loads are calculated based on the number, width, length and height.

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France Transport Companies

France, a European country, has the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the English Channel and the North Sea in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Although most of its territory is in Western Europe, it is a country developed in different areas with its climate diversity and geographical richness.

France, which has been one of the leading countries in the world for centuries, especially in the field of international relations, is today one of the leading states in Europe in every field.

There is a very deep-rooted relationship between Turkey and France, and import and export activities continue uninterruptedly.

One of the most basic needs of those who want to send cargo from Turkey to France is French transportation companies.

Our company Saygınlar Transportation, as one of the pioneers of the sector, is always the address of the highest quality, safe, fast and economical solutions.

France Transport Operation Process

First stage: It starts with you submitting your request to our relevant department. You submit tonnage, dimensions, photographs or technical drawings

Second stage pricing: France shipping price is created in accordance with the information you have provided and your request. Price information will be sent to you by e-mail by our staff.

Third Stage: Based on the details you agree on, a transportation contract is drawn up and the loading is planned. In the contract, information such as loading place, unloading point, cargo tonnage, customs, freight, payment method and free time are received.

Fourth Stage: Actual loading and dispatch of the vehicle to customs.

Fifth Stage: If the documents you prepared in advance will go with the driver, you submit the original documents to the relevant customs follower. After the customs clearance procedures of the vehicle are completed, our vehicle departs according to its destination.

Daily vehicle locations are sent to you by our operation staff via e-mail during working days until the transportation of our vehicle to France is completed.

You can access information about our vehicles by contacting us 24/7.

France partial shipping

France Import Shipping

We regularly transport imported materials coming from France to Turkey. Among the companies that carry out transportation between France and Turkey, we offer services with our vehicles such as refrigerated, tilt, lowbed, raft box and mega trailer.

We also offer solutions for your ADR vehicle needs in import shipments.

Raft Case and Out-of-Gauge Transportation: We offer out-of-gauge cargo transportation services among companies that carry out import transportation from France to Turkey.

In this service, we use our flatbed vehicles for your loads that need to be transported with flatbeds, other than the loads of normal standard trucks.

We deliver to Turkey’s cities of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmit, Gebze, Kocaeli, Ankara, Kayseri, Konya, Mersin, Hatay and Gaziantep.

Lowbed Import Transportation: If you have heavy tonnage and protruding loads in France and need import transportation to Turkey, we will transport your loads with the TRUCKS we operate to France.

Refrigerated Import Transportation: We offer solutions to your refrigerated truck needs with our refrigerated trailers equipped with special equipment. We deliver your cargo for cold chain transportation between France and Turkey with our own or rented contracted vehicles.

Our transit transportation solutions included in our France Transit Transportation service are as follows: From France – Qatar From France – Uzbekistan From France – Afghanistan From France – Turkmenistan From France – Saudi Arabia From France – Iraq and Iran

And we provide transit transportation to the other countries we work with: Georgia, Iran, Dubai, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria (Cilvegözü, Öncüpınar), Lebanon, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Generally, products such as raw materials, ADR cargo, machinery, textiles and furniture are transported. How is Partial Transportation Done in France?

The transportation of goods and products of more than one customer is carried out by a single truck. How are France Transportation Prices Determined?

Kilometer distance, route to be used, tonnage and type of goods play a big role in determining the price.