Belgium Transportation

Belgium Transportation

With Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has years of experience and experience in Belgium transportation services, you will find much more than the service quality you are looking for in the field of transportation.

We carry your cargo safely with our experienced driver staff in the field of timely delivery and reliable transportation.

Belgium is one of the European countries with which we have intense relations. We provide smooth, fast, safe, economical transportation and logistics services in Belgium import and export transportation.

With the transportation services we carry out with the assurance of CMR Insurance, your cargoes are delivered undamaged and safely from the point of origin to the destination.

Our company, which provides reliable services in the field of import and export, continues to meet all your expectations in the field of transportation in the best way with our expert team staff and trained drivers.

We claim that we will meet your expectations in the best way as thousands of our customers who are satisfied with our transportation services with the countries we have been working with since the first year of our establishment.

The cargoes to be shipped to Belgium with our young vehicle fleet, which is ready on the loading day at the loading site, are loaded onto our vehicles as necessary within the scope of our loading supervisor and set off.

During this loading, the loads are counted by our expert team and all materials are shipped in a complete and error-free manner.

During the delivery of your cargo to the customs, documents are delivered to the drivers and then the cargoes in the vehicles entering the customs are customs cleared by the authorized customs officer.

After the closing truck registration is registered by the officials working within our company, it sets off on the route Turkey – Belgium.

Our Transportation Services in Belgium:

  • Door to Door Transportation
  • Complete and Regular Partial Shipments
  • Fair and Project Downloads
  • Out of Gauge Transportation
  • Lowbed Transportation
  • Frigo transportation
  • Belgium Customs Clearance Services

Belgium Transportation Prices

The latest developments and innovations in the transportation sector cause a race among companies to get ahead quickly. For this reason, transportation companies are looking for ways to provide the best service and satisfy the customer.

Export freight – Mersin>Belgium shipping prices 4.900euro

Import Freight > Belgium Adana shipping prices are based on 3.400euro, valid for 30 working days.

Maximum 22 tons.

Transit time : 5-6 days.

Our trailers go by Roro ship from Mersin, Izmir, Pendik cities, Italy / Trieste port, from there to Austria, Germany, Belgium by road.

Istanbul>Belgium Freight cost with refrigerated / reefer… 5.300euro (if it will work at minus degree, freight rates change.)

Istanbul – Ghent 4.650euro
Mersin – Namur 4.500euro
Izmir – Brussels 4.700euro
Mersin – Namur 4.800euro

In this sense, our company is a company that both develops itself and manages to increase its customer base. It continues to work by always prioritizing quality service and customer satisfaction.

While doing these studies, it always strives to determine the most affordable prices. The factors we count are of great importance in determining Belgian transportation prices:

  • The distance to the destination after the cargo is received
  • Dimensions of the cargo to be transported,
  • Vehicles used during transportation operations
  • The route of the road used during transportation

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shipping companies working in Belgium

Road transport Belgium

As Saygınlar Nakliyat, we provide road transportation to Belgium by TIR. You can easily find out where your cargo is with regular information services for customer service support and customer satisfaction.

With 11 years of experience and experience, we serve you with our sensitivity in packaging by carrying out the transportation process within the scope of the guarantee before any work happens to your Saygınlar Nakliye products, goods and goods.

Belgium Partial Transportation

Partial transportation is a process that is different from full capacity transportation services and requires more attention. It is necessary to pay attention to details such as the adjustment of the vehicle and the reliable loading of the loads that the customer wants to have transported.

This is an area that requires expertise in itself. Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to satisfy its customers in the field of Belgium partial transportation with its 11 years of experience.

Thanks to the solutions we offer and our result-oriented work, we are proud to offer the services our customers are looking for in the field of transportation in the best way.

Our team, which has the necessary training on all important issues such as timely maintenance of vehicles, training of drivers, up-to-date information about road information and continues to receive training, manages to be the right address in Belgium partial transportation.

How is Belgium Partial Transportation Realized?

In Belgium partial transportation services, we divide our vehicle according to the loads of our customers. For this, we first clarify the amount of cargo of our customer.

Then, we load our vehicles and reach the destination point after receiving a separate document for each customer by coming to the customs clearance areas through the transit routes.

As Saygınlar Nakliyat international logistics company, we carry all your import and export cargoes to be sent from Turkey to Belgium without damage and reliably as a result of our many years of experience in the field of transportation.

Since the first year of our establishment, we analyze the needs of our customers in the services we provide and ensure that they benefit from all advantageous opportunities.

We offer convenient freight advantage with our partial transportation services that we provide by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

During our regular partial transportation services, you are regularly informed about the location of the vehicles and the status of your cargo on working days.

Belgium Sea Transportation

Maritime transportation is generally preferred for multi-cargo transportation. Sea transportation is very suitable for complete transportation.

Belgium maritime transportation agreements can be made depending on the country’s choice. It is the most reliable mode of transportation, as there is almost no chance of damage to the cargo.

Since there is no stop for complete transportation, it will also be advantageous in terms of time. Long waits in land transportation do not occur in maritime transportation.

Port waits are also not long. It is the most reliable mode of transportation, as there is almost no chance of damage to the cargo.

The prices determined in maritime transportation are affected by the weight of the cargo, the fees to be paid at the port, the distance between the two points and the fees paid for the equipment of the ships.

Belgium Ship Transportation

Belgium ship transportation service is organized depending on the country’s agreements with our company. In ship transportation, the term service fee called freight is used

A freight contract is made between the country and our company. The factors affecting the freight price are as follows:

  • Fees paid at the port
  • Distance to the place where the cargo will be transported
  • Costs paid for both maintenance and outfitting of ships
  • Costs paid for measures taken to prevent damage to cargo

In the freight contract, the rights and responsibilities of the parties are determined and specified in writing. Ship transportation is the safest type of transportation.

In this type of transportation, the possibility of damage to the cargo is minimized. In terms of price, ship transportation is a very economical type of transportation compared to other types.

Where is Belgium?

Belgium (Dutch: België Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɛlɣijə] ( listen); French: Belgique; German: Belgien), officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a state in Western Europe. It is a member of the European Union.


Sea ports in Belgium

  • Antwerpen
  • Brussels
  • Londerzeel
  • Ghent
  • Hemiksem
  • Ostend
  • Liege
  • Nieuwpoort

Belgium Transport Route

We are ready to meet your expectations in the best way as thousands of our customers who are satisfied with the superior quality services we provide in the field of Belgium transportation.

Export cargoes to be transported from Turkey, Belgium over the road transport route through the expert team staff transporting Saygınlar Nakliyat, offering effective solutions in the field of transportation and is a company that always provides services by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Saygınlar Nakliyat international logistics company, which is one of the leading companies in the sector with our long years of experience in the field of Belgium transportation, delivers your cargoes transported over the Belgium road transport route to the final buyer in an undamaged and reliable way.

In line with the reliable services we offer with CMR Insurance assurance, we deliver your cargo to the destination within the specified time frame. The Belgium shipping route where we transport your cargo is as follows;

Germany – United Kingdom – France – Italy – Austria – Poland – Spain – Sweden – Czech Republic – Romania

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road transport Belgium

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Belgium Transit Times

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which has experience in “unlimited” customer satisfaction in service, complies with the legally determined periods at the point of transit times.

After the necessary procedures are completed at the exit points in Turkey, our company arrives at the customs area, and after the necessary permits and documents are obtained from here, our company using the European Highway arrives at the transportation point within the committed time.

However, transit times may vary depending on road conditions, weather conditions and some natural events.

Belgium Complete Transportation

Complete transportation is the allocation of one or more vehicles to a single customer in cases where the customer has more loads.

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to be one of the most successful and reference determining names in the field of service.

Our company, which has managed to satisfy its customers in the field of complete transportation, which is an important category of the transportation sector, has managed to achieve customer satisfaction with its services in the field of Belgium complete transportation.

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Belgium freight rates

Frigo Transport Belgium

“Frigo transportation”, also known as “cold food transportation”, is the name given to fresh and frozen food transportation services with specially designed transportation vehicles at -26 degrees.

Depending on the length of the road route, continuous control of the vehicles is important in this type of transportation.

Saygınlar Nakliyat continues to provide the highest quality service to its customers with its experience and knowledge in the field of refrigerated transportation.

With our company you can find much more than what you are looking for in the field of frigo transportation in Turkey Belgium, you can ensure that your cargo reaches the point where it needs to reach in a reliable way, both in a short time and in a reliable way.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, one of the leading companies in the Turkish transportation sector, offers superior quality services in areas such as partial transportation, complete transportation, heavy cargo transportation.

We meet your expectations in the best way as well as our thousands of customers that we have satisfied with the logistics services we provide in the international arena.

Saygınlar Nakliyat, which is reliable, reputable and one of the reference determinant names of the sector, reliably delivers all kinds of cargoes to the final buyer within the promised time frame.

We fully meet all your expectations in the field of transportation with our expert team working within our company, which is growing day by day with our various services such as out of gauge transportation, heavy transportation, partial, complete, frigo and project transportation.

We deliver all your cargo safely with our young vehicle fleet, trained drivers and all our document support.

By choosing Saygınlar Nakliyat international logistics company in the field of Belgium transportation, you can also benefit from our advantageous services;

  • Regular vehicle location sending,
  • On-time delivery advantage,
  • Frigo, tented complete transportation for your export shipments,
  • Dry bulk transportation services in our Belgium export partial transportation solutions,
  • Frigo and tented dry cargo transportation for your import shipments,
  • Partial departures from Istanbul, Turkey on a regular basis every week,
  • Solutions for heavy transport in Belgium,
  • All kinds of paperwork support,
  • Accurately plan and analyze your project uploads,
  • Reliable transportation service with our young vehicle fleet.

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Belgium Transportation Companies

Belgium transport companies mostly use complete transportation and partial transportation types. Road transportation is advantageous especially in complete transportation.

As a company, we always try to complete our services at reasonable price levels regardless of the type of transportation.

Our customers, who benefit from these reasonable prices we set, also benefit from our different advantages thanks to our services. We can count these advantages as follows:

  • Insurance for the loads carried in every type of transportation, regardless of the type of transportation
  • Our fully trained, experienced and solution-oriented colleagues
  • Our young and fully equipped vehicles
  • Each type of transport
  • To receive information about the load from our company at any time during transportation
  • We can provide customer continuity with our affordable prices

Turkey Belgium Transportation

Our company has made large volume agreements in the international arena over the years and has accomplished successful works for the continuity of these works.

Our Turkey Belgium transportation agreements have also increased over time and have grown in size. We provide services in every type of transportation with Belgium according to demand and suitability.

However, partial and complete transportation are the most preferred types of transportation. Great importance is given to customer satisfaction in our work.

Our company employees are experienced and professional people who have undergone the necessary training. Above all, solution-oriented work increases the trust of our customers in us.

In all our transportation, we take all precautions to prevent damage to the cargo, but we also ensure that the cargo is insured.

Advantages of Reputable Belgium Transportation

Saygınlar Nakliye, which has become a brand in safe transportation, provides transportation services in many European countries. We carry the cargo of our customers safely with our Turkey Belgium transportation services.

We provide quality services far beyond expectations as a result of our work by prioritizing the safe delivery of the cargo at the promised time, the principle of perfection in services and customer satisfaction.

Our drivers traveling from Turkey between 08.00-17.00 hours on the routes determined between 08.00-17.00 hours, reach the destination point through the legally determined Turkey-Belgium transportation route.

We continue to provide professional service to you with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, C2 Certificate, Self-owned fleet in International Transportation service.

In order to cover any damages that may occur, all international transportation operations are covered by CMR insurance.

With our professional and experienced teams, you can contact us 24/7 for your curiosities about many issues such as our rapidly growing vehicle fleets, certificates, working systems, price information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belgium Transportation

Ağır yük taşımacılığı nedir?

Ağır yük taşımacılığı, normal kamyon ve tırlarla taşınamayan yüklerin lowbed araçlar ile nakliye edilme işlemidir.

Frigo taşımacılık nedir?

Frigo taşımacılık, özel olarak üretilen ısı koruyucu özelliğine sahip araçlarla yapılan nakliye işlemidir.